Dublin Senior Footballers 2018


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“Dublin GAA football team recruit former President of the USA as latest member of back room team”

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I do think next year will be Costello’s year. It is hard to know the inside track on injuries, but I don’t think he has had an injury free year since he joined the panel. Even this year he played no league until the last game, so must have had issues.

But he is built up a lot now, and should be able to withstand the rigors of senior county. As a minor he had a marvelous ability to take a man on, on the outside and go for goal. Up until this he didn’t really have the power to make it stick st senior, but he is getting very close with it now. Once he adds that ability to beat men to his scoring ability he will be something else.

I don’t think he needs to be rushed out in the league. I don’t think he will ever be a footballer for February pitches, but towards the latter stages I would like to see him get s heap of games, and be given the time to claim a place for himself. It needn’t be a him or Rock thing, there is room for both.


definitely, we need to (and jim always has) make it the norm that the younger fellas are preference for game-time but there will always be the odd exception where an older player has hit a purple patch of form. the commitment of the older lads needs to be acknowledged too and the league is a good time to give them time and keep them eager. when it comes to august though, the nippers have to be first. costello, mannion, scully, deano, con and mc hugh could be the first 6 next year. having said all that, i think maxi was under used this year. a big fan of his obviously.


Whats story with super 8’s next year , was the draw made for it last year when idea was first floated ??




All going to form our first super eight match will be against Kerry in croke park?


Yeah that’s my reading of it too.


After what happened in the final I’d say Kerry will store lurch in his crypt over the winter and only let him out to haunt our square. Id set o gara on him.


Are they not going to alter the structure of the super 8’s? ie the 4 provincial winners will play the teams through the qualifiers in the first round of games?


I very much hope this is the case. However he tends to have a lot if muscular strains etc. Had a number of issues with hamstring too.

He got injured in a club champo game in April.

Sometimes the greatest talents are unfortunately held back through reoccurring injuries.

The guy deserves a break when it comes to injuries. He is obviously very mentally tough and his performances coming off the bench show.


Didn’t he break his collarbone or something as well? People can grow out of those muscular issues though, hopefully that will be the case. I don’t think we have seen him near his best at senior yet, when he gets motoring he will be a player of the year candidate.


Often the case is a type of conditioning that best suits the individual athlete is found. Hopefully that is the case here!


Fingers crossed , he looked a real handful this year when he got his chances


think our set-up is quiet good with personalised fitness regimes, especially now with bryan on board. alan b and cian are 2 that come to mind.