Dublin Senior Footballers 2018


interesting comments from paddy Quinn ( the lad from Tyrone who was on the dubs panel in 2013 and 2014) in working with Gavin


Interesting to see how he was let go, given that there have so many rumours about using wtasapp etc. He seemed to feel he was given the resoect he deserved.


He did say he spoke to Jim Gavin for a hour when he was released from panel.


That is what I am referring to. There have been posts on here saying lads have been let go and only found out because they were deleted from a whatsapo group. Clearly not the case here. There us always two sides to every story.


I can guarantee that that has happened in the past


I didnt say it didn’t but would like to hear both sides of the story. At least Quinn is quoted in what he is saying so I assume it is correct. Lads get understandably angry when told they are surplus and all what they say might not be gospel. It does seem strange that Gavin would spend an hour explaining his reasons to a fringe player like Quinn and then not bother talking to others.


Clearly some people have been afforded more respect than others.

And I’m not talking about players from just one club here


That’s what seems strange. Why treat some one way and others differently. Everything isn’t always black and white.


Are we still having this discussion … about how Jim Gavin treats his players and how he could be damaging their mental health?!



What is a forum for? It is sonething which has been discussed before and now an interview has come out with sonething relevant to the original debate, so why not mention it?


I wasn’t actually referring to you. If anything the article you posted supports the notion that the unfounded claims/assumptions posted a few weeks ago by the resident Vinnie’s man here were just a continuation of a personal gripe towards Gavin.


The players I am referring to were not from Vincents bar one.

And as noted, it’s a forum. A word some people don’t understand the meaning of.


You know your club or county has made it big time when you get the “resident…” treatment.



You’d want to harden up a bit Alan or you’re gonna have a tough time when you leave school.



Only JG can answer why he treats some with respect and others with less.
The above is one positive example, I’ve heard a lot more to the contrary,


But the above is a qoute from a player, not something someone has heard.


Says it all really.


Nice team poster of the Dublin senior footballers.with today’s herald


What a Team. What a Performance. Can’t see them losing anytime soon. Gavin will bring in a couple of new players in the League.

Darren Byrne Cian Murphy Sean McMahon Declan Monaghan Andy Foley Glenn O’Reilly Chris Sallier Aaron Byrne Dan O’Brien all getting a look.