Dublin Senior Footballers 2018


I saw an interview where Cluxton said O’Gara is the fastest.


My ma is faster than your da!


That’s not what I heard…


She’s a goer??


Aren’t they all?


Saw a tweet recently about a family finding old love letters between their parents. Prepared for romantic sweet nothings they instead found reminiscences of riding, and how enthusiastic the mother was.


You can’t beat the Dublin Senior Footballers thread all the same …


Kids just met O’Gara up in a pharmacy in Kilinarden with Sam - said he didn’t look a happy camper.


I got that story in my News suggestions too. WTF !


He never looks happy


Gas story.


I’m gonna presume it’s based on trending topics & not my own personal…ahem…likes & dislikes. Most of my suggested sports stories are Premier League related, but I don’t follow any footballers or football sites.


We will only have it for another fortnight or so …


Was his tent leaking again?


Would you??


Intresting article from todays sunday times ,combining kerry 78/81 with dubs 2015 /2018


Mick Foley is as good a gaa writer as there is. Don t buy the sun times but if I find a copy I ll usually go to his articles first. A fair and balanced journo who does nt need to create a shitstorm to interest the reader. His book on the 82 football final and also on Bloody Sunday are excellent.


Compare and contrast him with that buffoon martin breheny who writes for the indo



foley is good so is denis walsh