Dublin Senior Footballers 2018


[quote=“TheLoneRanger, post:219, topic:1462”]Barring injuries he won’t feature

I’d agree … so why commit so much to it?! Fair play to him … wouldn’t be me …

Mind you that’s probably why he has 5 All Irelands, 4 Leagues, 6 Leinsters and I never won fcuk all …


What year did he not win a LSFC medal when Dublin were champions in 2009? He won a medal in 2009, didn’t he?


Who tf am I - Stato???

Take it up with Julien Assange …


Wiki says he has 6 Leinsters… including 2009, Dublin have won 7 since '09. I’m curious. I’m just wondering if Wiki is wrong.


He didn’t get a run in 14 but was in panel I think


Probably more than 5 ahead of him now after yesterday


Still no sightings of Johnny Cooper. Bit worrying that .


Wiki list the 6 as: 2009, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015 … so I guess it just hasn’t been updated to include 2016


Just as we get Jack back :unamused:.


A bit off topic but just curious about distribution of medals for an All-Ireland winning team, is it just the match day 26 that get medals or does the championship panel of 34/35 lads all get medals? C.Basquel only made match day panel for the final last year so it seems a bit unfair that he would get one & someone who had regularly been on the match day panel but missed out on the final would not get one…?


Could be wrong, but I think the GAA give the match day panel the medals and then after that the county board can foot the bill for extras where they feel they are deserved, who got them I have no idea. But I am sure if a lad is injured or something he gets one irrespective of if he was on the final panel or not.


That’s my understanding of it as well


I think the GAA give the winning county 30 medals. If the co board want to cough up the dosh to get any more, they can. But they only get 30 for “free.” A few years back, there was an RTE documentary on the Dublin company of goldsmiths who make the medals & that is what they said.


Apparently a lot of people around Ballymun have been getting medals in their change a lot in recent times …


Saw him in DCU again this week wearing a protective boot on his ankle


What’s the story with John Small - Rochey any news here?

As said last week I heard JC out for up to 3 months


You always want everyone available but a fully fit cooper by early summer would do nicely

Without him, aside from him being a current All Star, I feel we’re a bit light on backup ( relatively speaking ) in the full back line which is why i suggested Lowndes playing there in another thread. We’ve more options in the half back line


Few more weeks AFAIK


Connolly suspended on Sunday!?


If you’re thinking black cards, you may be barking up the wrong tree TBH