Dublin Senior Footballers 2018


Bryyyyyyyaaaaan’s still there. :wink::heart_eyes:

Dunne’s done though.


Not core players but also gone are

Paul Casey, Eamonn Fennell, Derek Lally, Paul Brogan, Darragh Nelson, Mossy, Mick Savage, Nicky Devereux

Also was Paul Griffin thereabouts, but didn’t recover from injury?


Paul never played properly again after the Injury in the league in 2011

Plays the odd game for the Crokes Div 8 team nowdays


Awful Shame, what a player.


Yea he was togged out against us in the D championship last year. We were all going what the fook… Luckily for us he wasn’t right and had to go off after a few mins. If he was fit he’d obviously destroy a team on his own at that level


Hubby and Davy Byrne the other one too …


Which Davy Byrne?




Some of them are just age related I guess, some it just didn’t work out for. Devereux was one I thought would have come through, he paid the ultimate price for 2014 it seems. He was unbelievably fast though. I think his last game was possibly in the league against Tyrone in '15 where he went on one solo run that left everyone standing, there was just an ‘ooh’ from the crowd as it happened. He did his hamstring just after that run, and I am not sure he played again.

Speaking of speed, I think the loss of Madden to the AFL is not being taken seriously enough though by all concerned. He appears to be a once in a generation type of athlete. He is the fastest guy the Australians have ever had in the Australian or European combines. And he could play football too as his performances in the championship with Ballyboden showed it.


Agree about Devereux, was brilliant for under 21s in 2010. Had to wait for his real chance against Donegal in 2014, day was a disaster all round and never seen again. Absolute flyer.

Also agree about Madden, we’ve been lucky not to lose the likes of Jack or Ciaran to Oz. But this guy does appear to be an amazing athlete. Played well for Boden this year, less impressive for under 20s except for amazing goal against Westmeath, but would have been nice to see if a fella with those gifts came through what kind of player we’d have had.

Notice Jack said in an interview that Mannion is quicker than him.


Maybe in a dead sprint but Jack seems faster with ball in hand.


Eoghan Kerin the man to ask.


Does anyone why Robbie McDaid and Shane Clayton from Boden are not on Dublin panel? Both were on panel in 2016/17 and were decent full/corner backs.


Shane Clayton dropped early last year I think through injury, didn’t appear much for the U21s last year and as far as I know played in the states too, not sure about McDaid


Shane Clayton in Ireland on Saturday anyway


I saw that too re Mannion being faster then Jack. I saw another interview somewhere that said Murchan was the fastest on the panel. We don’t lack speed anyway!


I think it was Comerford that said Murchan was the fastest on the panel. Dead sprints can be different though, as someone said above, Jack seems to move faster with ball in hand, I don’t think there is anyone in the country that can move faster with ball in hand. We used to have a lad that played for us that was a bit like that, played Minor and then a few appearances for Offaly at senior, John O Hara, some pace on the ball


Cian o Sullivan in an interview said Davy Byrne ( the south side one) was the quickest player on the panel.


saw an interview where murchan said that murchan was the fastest!:grinning:


Christ! It’s like the schoolyard