Dublin Senior Footballers 2018


ck will never be a silky smooth striker of the ball like diarmo, bernard or even paul mannion, its just not in his physique. bit like mdma whose kicking has come on in small increments after a lot of work but he knows now its for passing and not for shooting. having said that, i think we’re all very appreciative of the many, many other skills and talents both players bring to the team.


From memory though , he looked less awkward striking the ball at minor & u21 . It literally changed completely when he returned from Australia .


His whole body shape has changed as well and his running technique seems different too
Like he’s been working with a sprint coach. All of which could contribute to the change in his kicking action


@Ohm are you a member of realt dearg?


Realt Dearg Belgrade …


That was shoehorned in.


He played a league game for Olaf’s last week, so he must be on the way back.


Christ the game must’ve been on miles away if he’s still only on the way back!!


Jaysus, you’re an awful hoor! No let up. Not even Ohm this time.




Read a good article in irish times where they noted that the average age of the starting team on Saturday was 26.2 years

Back in 2011 the average in that final was 26.7

Amazing the amount of refining and introduction of new talent that is happening all of the time under Gavin to keep standards high


Thats why I always argue when people say this team and that team, how do you actually define a team. Think only 3 of the starting 15 on saturdaystarted in 2011 and the vast majority werent even on the panel. How many actually have 5 crosses. Clucko, Fitz, Philly? James Mc. Flynner, MDMA. Kev Mc . Darren Daly? EoG? and Berno. Then Bastic and Dermo.


Currently the only age/miles issue is our backs. What age-average were our backs in 2011?


Forgot Cian o S in the list of 5 winners. Dont know exactly Al but I would say the age mix is similar Mc Caffrey, Small. andd Murchan are 25 or under. Rory, Fitz O Sullivan and Mc Carthy were young back then Brennan would have been older and dont know about Kev Nolan


I’m more surprised Darren Daly has five than Ciano.


Daly has 4. Himself and Andrews were dropped from panel after league final in 2011.


That is why I put a ? after him and Philly. Daly has a junior one though.


Philly and O’Gara both came on as subs in 2011


I was referring to now, not back then. On the subject of this team and that team, you’re right of course but there is usually a core of key players that are there throughout. The core from 2010 til now has reduced quite alot but it’s just about still there. Quite a strong core since 2013, now actually the dominant core of the team.

Looking at who’s gone since 2010 - Barry, Ger, ROC, David H, Nolan, Al, Denis, and apart from them there’s been more fringe players, and of course you’ve got Berno at least hanging by a thread, others who may well call it a day or drop off after this summer. But overall still very much a core from 2010/2013.


Is that all that’s gone since 2010? :wink: