Dublin Senior Footballers 2018


No. But he’d give you a straight answer to a straight question. And he respected his players.


Not the impression given in his biography with regards to how he cut players from the squad or team when he wanted to.


“Of course. Because we in Marino do it the right way”

Give it a rest Alan, your mantra is tiresome. Heffo did some nasty shit in his time too. Winners = you don’t make an omelette without breaking some eggs!


I really do get this club before county ideology. I’d imagine some of the Kickham’s lads crave another county medal or two. I wish my own club were in a position to be none-too-plussed about not having some of our lads on the county team. The truth is, we’ll probably never be in that position.
However, the fact is is that one of the greatest ever players to pull on a Dublin or Vincent’s jersey is not going to be around with this team, this year, as they seek to achieve one of the greatest, if not THE greatest performances by a Gaelic football team.
I don’t know why this player is absent. But I do believe the current status quo hurts the absent player more so than those present on the county panel.

I genuinely feel sad for him. If it’s not achieved, he will never know if he could have been the difference. If it is achieved, nothing will convince me that he will not regret being part of it.


Do you teach history? Must be the revisionist syllabus.


It’s a shame to see us start to become like one of those many counties where internal fighting gains nothing and prevents a very conherent approach to running the Assoc in the county. I don’t know if it’s a fair reflection or just an issue with one club?

Having said that I don’t recall any very successful Dublin team having no Vincent’s player in the first team. It’s a bit like Kerry and the OSe’s, the departure of the O’Se’s was also marked by Kerry’s worst level of performances (last year, and to tell the truth 2016 as well, when Marc OSe should never have been brought on in the semi-final) since the 90s. Be interesting to see how they continue to go until the younger O’Se generation come through.

Speaking personally we can all say “the best players must make up the squad/players must be selected on form etc” but we all know in the real world that the coaches have to select what they see as the best balance, especially in the top 21. For me one of the ‘balances’ in a Dublin team or at least 21 going out for a game has always been at least one Vincent’s player. Call it superstition, call it something about our (Dublin Gaelic Football)'s identity and history, something about a culture of winning and leadership that goes back a very long way, and remains important even in these very changed times for Dublin GAA.


The lads having a tough time in the US


Amazing we got the draw against Na Fianna this morning :joy:


Most of the NF lads involved in trying to win the 4 in a row. Commitment.


Dermot looks relaxed and healthy. Lot to be said for it.


Dermo made his decision and that is it, I have no idea why he made it, but like everything there are usually 2 sides to every story, but folks on hear continually insinuating things and then not saying anything is getting a bit tiresome. I don’t know if Gavin has anything to do with Dermos departure or not, but in the same way as I judge Dermo to be great player due to his achievements on the pitch, I also judge Gavin for his achievements from the bench and to me it is clear that both are top class at what they do.


Good to see.

@bigp Indeed, a lot of nonsense being bandied about.


Lads, where is David Byrne from Naomh Olaf?


somebody on another thread said he was in a leg boot recently-so injured. Gas how little gets out of the Dublin camp


Think he was kidnapped by OHM. On serious note he is a big loss. Really stepped up in league this year and was expecting a big championship from him.


WTF man? He played great in that league match though against Kerry which the score escapes me.


I enjoyed some of the insights in this interview from Jim Gavin. He is some operator…

Within football he also believes failure is critical in achieving success, when an issue arises he approaches it in a methodical way, seeking out the underlying reason so it can be addressed effectively.

“In a sporting sense, looking at the game of football, when a player makes a pass and it goes astray, the first thing I ask is was it a good decision? If it was, then I’ll ask, was the execution good? And if it wasn’t, I’m not going to the player, I’m going to the skills coach, and I’ll ask them ‘why is he kicking the ball that way?’ On the other hand, if the problem was the decision the player made, then I’m asking why he didn’t understand the game plan. I’m asking what the root cause is so that we can address it, not blame the individual. That’s performance management.”



He must spend ages talking to CK’s kicking coach …


I’m sure he did :grin:

in fairness though, the difference in how Kilkenny kicks now compared to how he did when he just returned from Oz is poles apart so he’s clearly worked on it.


The only phrase I can think of when he kicks it sometimes is … bludgeon …