Dublin Senior Footballers 2018


I would say he certainly is. Arguably not as good but in the same league yes. He mostly did not have as good a team to play in.


If Dublin were to win the All Ireland this year would it be the first time we’ve won one with no players from the county champions on the panel?


Berno, your wife gave birth to two boys last night, don’t be worried about county champions on the Dublin panel!


Could be but these days even the best of club teams don’t often have many on county teams. Corifin despite being best club team by some stretch have very few with Galway (1-2 starting maybe?) while dr Crokes recently only had 1 despite winning Munster for a few years. Plus in Dublin now, most teams have 2 or so who aren’t eligible as non dubs.

DC would be cert if about and Mullins would be on panel if things had been handled differently. I’d say it doesn’t hugely bother either Dublin or Vincents as both dominating in their respective competitions without the other. I know that 2-3 of Vincents have been asked to be part of larger panel but declined.


Don’t think anyone in Vincent’s is remotely bothered. It is true apparently.

2018 Super 8's Dublin v Donegal 14th July, Croke Park, Live on RTE 2, Throw In 7pm
2018 Super 8's Dublin v Donegal 14th July, Croke Park, Live on RTE 2, Throw In 7pm

If that’s the attitude in Vincent’s, thank God for kickhams. Possibly following the wrong leader down there, time to chuck out willie joe and get back on script, pride in your county and all that.


What about pride in your club?

There are lads from all over the county who have no interest in being cannon fodder for training. Would you have an issue with that?

Vincent’s have done more than most for the county. They’ve no apology to make to anyone.


When a lad joins the county panel, I see it as both pride in representing your county and club. They are not and should not be mutually exclusive. The benefits of being part of the county set up should be positive for both club and player in what they learn from their experience regardless of whether they make match day panel or not. To view selection as cannon fodder instead of an opportunity to excel is wrong regardless of the outcome.


Good point.

And yet a few players have walked away and others refuse to join because it does not seem to be a positive experience for them. And I don’t think that that’s down to the players unfortunately.


Can’t be sure but did crokes have anyone in 95?
They’d won the All Ireland that march . Was Davey Byrne back up keeper by then ?


Mick Pender from Crokes was back up keeper for a few years, played a few league games but not sure if he was still on the panel in 95.


Players walking away I can possibly understand more so than say lads who have not been involved choosing not to avail of the opportunity. Maybe with the level of commitment required so high and the other opportunities that are out there for lads some club football is enough of a commitment for them.
Do you perceive any hostility between Vincent’s club and the senior county set up, from either end ? .


My meaning of “not bothered” shouldn’t be misconstrued as “not bothered about how county team are going” but more “not bothered how many Vincents players are on it”.
With the modern IC game you need to be a 9 of 10 club player to be good enough for be first 20.
I’d suggest Vincents have 2 or 3 at that level but benefit greatly in that the remainder of the club team are 8’s which is better average than rest. With the regime and culture over last 8 years, guys maybe don’t feel they’re missing out on much not being training panelist with Dublin.
Let’s be honest, if you don’t get game time, medals are fairly worthless.

I don’t think anyone in Vincents could be upset at current county representation.


Not as far as I know.


That’s a positive .


Never heard anything of it but that could be (1) with exception of Nathan Mullins, no obvious omission recently (2) club winning titles supersedes county


Is Mullins an obvious exception?


IMO… would have thought so given his club performances (pre donegal declaration) and his suitability of style to way Dublin play.
After mcauley, Fenton and mc Carthy , he was 4th best option for midfield in recent years.


Maybe Vins weren’t too keen on him coming up against James McCarthy in training games …


I thought Mullins not getting a run might have given potential for some upset, heard him being interviewed about being on Donegal panel and to his credit he was nothing but very positive.