Dublin Senior Footballers 2018


He didnt…he had a ball though and thats the main thing


Good luck to him, just a pity a player of his skill isn’t running around Croker or a neutral venue in August. :grin:


shows also that all those stories - court case - cant get clearance - blah blah - were all BS. As usual the spreaders of these stories suffer no comeback, not even banned form the GAA proboards, for example.


actually i see the “we need to talk about Duirmuid” thread has vanished…


Wonder did they get a Sols. letter :thinking:


I hope they did, very little moderation on the site.


When you consider the absolute joke shop the GAA media have turned into the last few summers I’m surprised more don’t follow.


Hopefully we can talk a bit more about on field actions/relevent players now…

Anyone know if we are to appeal John Small’s sending off ?


Its still there, page 2.


Unlikely if it hasn’t been done by now.


Noticed that yesterday. The other Connolly thread was deleted though.


Some clowns on that site, they absolutely hate everything Dublin, and not just the football.

Some of the rumours on that site could definitely be considered defamatory.

Reservoir Dubs is the savour from such bullshit.


From the Bunker poster thinks about Dublin 24/7 .On that Connolly thread just spiteful people unhappy with their own lives


Every dublin poster is shot down there within seconds even if their posts are reasonable , which most times , they are .I don’t know why they bother .


Has to be Berno’s last year with twins now, congrats to him but he’s done now… but suppose can afford support child care if needed.


That will depend on how we do this year . Win a fourth and I can’t see any player stepping away of their own accord


Speaking of Bernard, its 3 weeks now since he’s back training with the team. I would like to think he’ll be ready for twenty mins come the Roscommon game. Here’s hoping anyway.


or will it be an incentive for him to get out of the house and train more


Would be brilliant to see him back.


This year’s bolter