Dublin Senior Footballers 2018


Gotta… Thought it might of been because of the breakdown to bring in Paul galvin. Fucker went oper as you know


His name was printed on the first team sheet against Carlow in 2017 from DublinGAA twitter as a Peregrines player.


Yep. Over here we call that a silly mistake - not a rumour.

Cormac Costello going to Vins is also a rumour - or gossip. Him going to Na Fianna is … :wink:


Alright but there were a few people in that thread saying he was moving to peregrines.


More chance of Marc O Se moving to the Moy …


Oh it was strange alright. Its like saying Jonny Cooper is moving to Craobh Chiaran or something like that.


Bought one today ,45 euro


Cormac Costello going to Vins is also a rumour - or gossip. Him going to Na Fianna is … :wink:

**wishful thinking!


Was it Peregrines in Africa?



A good article with a great headline. Really think Dublin has found a potential all time great in this player.


Your a bit late sure he has a few all Ireland’s, a few all stars, captained Ireland and scored the winner in one of the all Ireland’s


Taking nothing from Clucko, he is a truely all time great, our captain and keeper. Evan is showing potential to follow in those great steps, that’s all.


He sure is best shot stopper around and will only get better


Kickouts good too, and also should only get better.

Under the high ball would be a questionmark, he’s not the biggest. A couple of punches the last day weren’t great.

Far too early to be saying potential legend (every young lad who makes his debut is a potential star), but I expect him to be well up to intercounty standard when he takes the 1 jersey. While I wouldnt rule out Comerford starting tomorrow (if there’s any risk Clucko could exacerbate his injury), I expect Cluxton to stay on for at least another year after this one.


Connecticut? Isnt there a gaa out there called St Patricks?? I know a few lads from Mayo that went out there recently.


Scored 3-8 for Donegal Boston today


Jaysus it must be like Feile …


It’s like hearing Messi scored 5 goals playing in the Vauxhall Conference.
Something not right about it.


The standard isn’t that bad, he will meet right good footballers there. The difference is strength in depth more then individual ability.

Great to see him out playing though, I hope he’s enjoying it.