Dublin Senior Footballers 2018


Don’t let the door hit you on the way out. Your language and behaviour is disgraceful.


Again, you called him a saddo. Pot, kettle, black, etc.


And I edited as I knew I was wrong. I hate the other word, it’s truly disgusting.


Yes, it was wrong but you called him that. Cancer is a terrible illness. Mental illness is a terrible affliction too.


My dad died of cancer lads so the less use of the word aimed at any individual the better.


Connolly is a great player, so is Leeroy. Whenever they play each other Keegan marks him very well.

Connolly and Keegan respectively are 2 of the great players of this decade.

I think a lot was made of the GPS incident, it was completely wrong of course but there were far more cynical incidents in the game.

Connolly has Celtic Crosses, but he is part of a great team. Leeroy is a tad unlucky not to have 1-2 Celtic Crosses. I think Mayo deserved to lose in 12, 13 and 16 replay. However I thought they were desperately unlucky last year.


No there actually weren’t. I have never seen anything as cynical as that. Nothing.


My sympathies. He was a gentleman. Sorry for your loss.


O’Gara pinning the Mayo player (can’t remember which player) down on the ground with his hand in the lad’s face was worse and actually a lot more dangerous.

I’ve seen a lot of cynical play over the years (including my own county) and this incident would not have even been in the top few.


Apologies. Deepest condolences. I’ve deleted the post. No distress was intended on my part. Won’t be contributing again until that clown has been removed. Just wanted to apologise to yourself and offer my condolences marysman. We’ve all been effected by the pox of a disease


well, yes the facts are that mayo could have won a few all irelands this decade, but they haven’t, they have been mighty close, and I suspect that should the super 8’s draw keep us apart it will be a dublin/mayo final once more.

cynical and “tough” play is part and parcell of gaelic football and always has been. the thing is that today there are far less incidents of the magnatude which we grew up used to. You mention O’Gara’s hand to the face - by todays standards it looks bad, but even ten years ago wouldn’t have merited a mention, same with Cooper against Longford. Both were perhaps more accidental than intentionasl, and far from when lads would have got a full punch in the face in the same situation in days gone by.

today pulling jerseys and dragging lads is regarded as terrible dangerous nasty play, I suppose we live in a more gentrified society.


I knew no harm was meant lads but as you say it has affected it us all in so many ways recently that I hate when I hear someone use the word. I think when you have seen at 1st hand what it can do to someone who was perfectly healthy one day and then a few months later bed ridden then do you only know how horrible a disease it it.


@Mayoman, @Rufus_T_Firefly, @upthedall and others bring a lot to this forum. This guy doesn’t.

I am not interested in arguing about O’Gara pinning a guy (allegedly) to the ground with a guy who’s team is laced with cynicism and who dragged Dublin around Tralee for 70 minutes last year. Keegan’s actions were utterly reprehensible which is why he served a long ban … oh no, sorry he didn’t.

This guy is another version of ballywhatthefuckwashecalled - smart arsed comments designed to get a rise and brings nothing to the forum.


How? Detail please? Is it not the team who score the most points/goals wins? So why was Mayo unlucky?


yeah but its all the riled up replies he replies to!

they aint called WUM’s for nothing…


Have a look back when the final whistle went last September, I think it was leeroys eyes that needed dry’n, not mine sure I was breakin me bolix laughing, didn’t we just do 3 in a row. now why dont you just take yerself a ■■■■ off tablet


I don’t know why anyone is engaging with this nonsense, ignore him and he’ll soon go away.


It’s a pity he’s not a pun … he’d be long gone …


Or 2015 Keegan holding DC in a headlock while cock hit him with a few soft punches maybe we were all hallucinating and that didn’t happen


His account should be suspended until that missing eagle is returned to its rightful home. Sneaky Kerry fucks.