Dublin Senior Footballers 2018


Maher takes the biscuit


Sure they practice it in the warm up…



Galvin raring to dive it.


That wasn’t cynical. Twas cute kerry hoorism.


Not lying down I think is what they call it …


Laying down a marker


It just kind of happened. I explained this a little bit on the introduction forum. The first team really heard of was Kilkenny back in 2010 when they were on that amazing run. Then stumbled across the 2012 AI Final between Donegal and Mayo. But the first live matches I watched was a Leinster double header in 2013 Meath v Wexford and Dublin v Kildare. I’ve always liked international sports. Rugby, cricket, and AFL for example.


That’s Gooch holding auditions for bouncer roles for his testimonial gig last year.


Wrong, that’s gooch grabbing his pot of money and telling his team mates, yerra get your own 5000 euro a table testimonial, this one is all about the gooch.



C’mon Gooch you said some of this money was to go to charity.

Ye the gingerminger charity now f…k off it’s mine.


Paul Galvin looks on worried… Ah lads go easy on that pot. I only designed it last week as part of me moochy goochy collection…


Leeroy is a top defender and kept the excellent Connolly very quiet. You don’t need to look too far from home for ‘pulling and dragging’. Now dry your eyes before you start your ‘reply’.


Honestly, how much longer have we to put up with this troll?


What’s good for the goose and all that


Think the only sad one here is you pal. Imagine wasting your time trolling another counties forum. :joy::joy::joy: pathetic


Pretty disgusting terminology to use there, considering how many people suffer from that illness.


six of one/half a dozen of the other? ah, but its DC who has the Celtic Crosses to his name, and its accepted that DC was a massive influence in the winning of last years game. Keegan is only remembered for the GPS. Who comes out the better?


Says the one who used the word “saddo” before editing it.


No trolling on my part. If you don’t like my posts you can ignore. I will back Chiarrai to the core.


I’ll be back next week when this idiot has been returned to it’s village. Joke that he’s lasted this long.