Dublin Senior Footballers 2018


Ill believe when i see Comerford between the posts .


I’m not sure about it myself. I imagine Gavin would try protect Comerford from the weeks of media nonsense he’s about to endure. He could have told him quietly at this point to help him prepare for it but left it until throw in before letting the cat out of the bag. Maybe it’s bollocks.


Given that Comerford has now played a championship game for the senior team he can no longer be involved with the U-20’s is that correct?




Who says he’s a small kid?
I’ve stood beside him too, he’s no huge unit, not by a long shot, much smaller than Aido overall for example. But then again, I’m fat and 6 foot 2 so I don’t see many who look big to me.


So Dermo should always get the full support of his own, but Gavin shouldn’t, unless he wins us a 4th All Ire in a row?


Had a chat with a lad from Parnells & hes heard nothing . Could be true , who knows .
What I’d be concerned about is teams bombing balls in on the half back line & all it takes is one “hero” to take one for the team & take stephen out of it again . Lucky enough he’s not an outfield player because that would be exploited all day long .


If Cluxton is available and Comerford plays, who is the third keeper that would become the sub keeper?


Molloy or Currie?


Could be a toss up between both of them and possibly Evan Whelan (TRinity Gaels/u21 2nd choice last year) and some lad from scoil who was the keeper for the O’Byrne cup, his name escapes me !


Evan Whelan has a lovely kickout, he puts a lovely trajectory on it.


@Wifi … I have this picture of you standing on the sideline with your faithful hound watching Whelan’s kickouts and telling the dog ‘ah Brandy, look at the trajectory on that. Lovely, just lovely.’


Isn’t he a full forward for his club or something?


Diarmo might be back after all :joy:


Won’t be Currie anyway.


It is the Scoil Ui Chonaill keeper, think his surname is Brody


Andrew Bunyan, ex Ardscoil. Must be 30 ish now. Not that that matters for keepers.


I thought Scoil Ui Chonaill was only a hurling club.


You thought wrong :wink:


I guess so. I’ve never seen the club name pop up on any dublin football youth teams so I just assumed it was only a hurling club. Thanks for the info.