Dublin Senior Footballers 2018


think I heard before that he helps works out the PP odds on championship games. In which case he is fairly spot on as they are uncannily close to reality every week


Absolutely right. There’s this assumption that he’s leaving because he’s sick of the attention , hassle etc. And spoofers here implying they know why he’s going - fell out with someone in the set up (J Gavin maybe?). If people think they know why he’s going they should just come out and say it. Rather than the torrent of bull here - ’ I know why he’s going, I just can’t tell you.’

All I’ll say, and Connolly brought plenty of this on himself since he was a kid and allowing himself to get wound up by the likes of Gary Whyte, is that what Gavin did to him against Tyrone last was terrible man management imo. Enough hillbillys hate him, his own should have stood tall for him, rather than teaching him a lesson.

I am surmising this from the outside. I could be completely wrong. But what I saw last year against Tyrone wasn’t right. Believe it or not, I think Gavin badly needs to win this All Ireland. Which is mad considering he’s lost one game as manager. But he does. IMO.


You have either never seen football stateside or turn a blind eye to some of the shit that can go on out there .


I played it. Feckin wild!


As I said before, it was always “hardy”.


You’re making the assumption that DC has fallen out with Gavin !


That’s where the comparison ends. Dermot is no Diarmuid.


Because he can find his way out from the dressing room?


I am SeeSaw. As I said I don’t know what happened. And am speculating from the outside. Absolutely.


I thought you were @LtAldoRaine?


I think he’s fairly up and down about it.




Cluxton out of the Leinster final.


where did you read that?


Lump on Laois!


You just know Jim will name him in the starting 15 one way or another!


http://hoganstand.com/Article/Index/286511. Wonder who will be called up to replace him?


Polar opposite of what I was told!


There is an interview with Connolly out there where he is lauding the Dublin performance against Tyrone. I am not saying he hasn’t a problem with someone, or has, I haven’t a clue. But based on that interview I don’t think the Tyrone game has any bearing on it.


He should for the craic.