Dublin Senior Football Championship (SFC) 2017


Take the day off. I’ll forge a note from your Ma.

Dear Sir

Brogan is unable to go to work today as he has nits.

Yrs etc …


I’ve had them years, it would never work


Would they not be more concerned about winning the game then going on the sess surely ?
See plenty of them down in the Local establishments around clontarf quite a bit so it’s hardly a drinking ban they are on ! They are very privileged to be in the final every other year .


Three days??? Would they not be preparing for their Leinster football Club Championship game on November 12th - 13 days later??


I knew someone would say that.

Of course they are more concerned about winning, just a comment made in passing and there was some mutual agreement.

If it meant the different between winning and losing I’m sure Vins or Mun would play it @ 3am on a Tuesday


I give up on the matter.

Bank holiday Monday is a great idea sorry for vocing an opinion


Intermediate hurling final is fixed for this Friday night :thinking: But that was just a fast one pulled by one of the clubs


I understand what you’re saying but I think senior club players in Dublin don’t do too badly . They get the entire summers off to go on holidays or go to the States or go on the beer with the lads. A lot of other counties play championship over the Summer where lads don’t get that chance.
At least with Dublin you’ll always know you’ll have May- August every year idle bar a few league games which very few teams give a rashers about anymore. Next year it won’t be a problem with the new calendar so it;s probbaly the last ever one on a Bank Holiday Monday


After all the slagging and criticism that Dublin got over the years for the (enforced) summer championship break the rest of the counties have now voted that that they should do the same from next year.


How ?


As one club requested the game be changed to Friday as there was a wedding on Saturday and it seems that request has been granted.


Yes, Na Fianna captain getting married on Saturday, ten players going to the wedding also - respect to all for facilitating, some things more important then GAA (or so they have to pretend at least!)


Yeah - MONEY!!! :money_mouth_face::money_mouth_face::money_mouth_face:


That doesnt prove anything. The initial gripe stemmed from the mistreatment of the club player. All you (The DCB) have done is started a trend where the club player gets f**ked over in other counties too. Congrats on that.


At senior level there is very little mistreatment
It’s at intermediate and junior level where the problems are . Senior players get the entire summer off for holidays , nights on the beer etc and get to play championship games with their full selection available to them


Don’t agree that senior players get the summer off. The league is not just a Mickey Mouse competition to all clubs. Some actually give it their best shot especially ones trying to survive in their division. Is there any senior player on here that feels they got the summer off??


Certainly not treated as a Mickey Mouse competition in our club, taken very seriously and not treated as having a summer off. League position would clarify that.


It’s not a priority though compared to the September/ October period and as said previously judging by how often I’ve seen senior players from the top clubs in the local establishments at weekends ( bearing in mind the north side is the powerbase for Gaelic football ) they are doing very well in my view
Spare a thought for the intermediate championship which won’t be finished until after the senior championship . So I won’t be getting my violin out for senior club players in comparison .


Hardly breaking news that league isn’t given the same priority as championship
You think senior club players should be grateful cause they can go for a few pints during the summer?
The inter championship players can have a few pints during the summer too, so can junior players etc… what’s the point being made here?
The problem is we spend weekends idle in summer to facilitate the county side and it makes our season twice as long. Meaning more disruptions to our lives than is needed in regards to holidays and any social events that may come up. That applies to all club players. I thought that much was obvious.


It’s been that way for 20 years so it’s hardly breaking news . Play the championship without county players - problem solved