Dublin Senior Football Championship (SFC) 2017


I don’t condone it at any level from any player and I know the difference between fair play and what’s over the line. I was in the terrace for both games with 3 kids, did not enjoy kids watching what Connolly was enduring this is not being OTT it was systematic and I believe premeditated management lead. I am sure the umpires had clear vision of some of the incidents and I’m disappointed they seemed not to react.
The game is on tg4 tonight at 8pm


I didn’t see any obvious red card incident with Ger Brennan. And bearing in mind he’s been sent off a few times and that refs keep a close eye on himI suspect the ref didn’t either. I won’t defend the indefensible, no matter who does it.

Jude’s played a very, very foolish game and paid dearly for it. If they had won I would have tipped my hat (horrible tactics and all) and moved on. It’s a pity one or two of your own can’t do the same.


This is getting out of hand now - I am sure the players have forgotten the incidents that are being discussed here.


And coming on to a message board and coming out with comments like that isn’t? Please have a bit of respect

Anymore childish comments and bitching we will close the thread down.


Hardly helps a comment like that . I didn’t think it was that bad at all.
I played against Vincent’s teams where lads were stretchered :joy:.
It’s gas reading these threads what people consider foul play these days


Genuine question. There were obvious red card offenses carried out on Connolly during the game? I didn’t see any myself. I thought we were talking about the off the ball stuff; checking runs, jersey tugging etc. As I said before I’m not saying I agree with it but your very own was doing the same and you either somehow missed it or are just choosing to ignore it.

Our lads did come to play. Yes, it was clear that Connolly was targeted as someone who had to be very closely marked. It’s a sad fact but any side with ambitions of beating Vins would do the same. Aside from the Copeland foul though there was nothing dangerous or malicious in the game. The two red cards appear to have skewed a lot of people’s thoughts on how the game actually went.


Agree parish

But calling a player a " sneaky little prick " is far from showing respect and should have been dealt with by mods


I’m talking more about multiple yellow cards rather than straight reds. Your full back was extremely lucky not to have been sent off before half time for a second yellow/black card offence. And the number 8 from the off was at him. And his carry on on the way in at half time was absolutely ridiculous.That, and a positive approach, is what I meant by coming to play football.

Could be there were Vincents players who should have gotten into trouble but I did not see any Vincents player who was consistently using illegal methods. I could be wrong. I could be blinkered. I don’t know why one or two didn’t get booked after the half time incident. Could be the ref decided to punish the instigators. He stood back and had a good look at what was going on. I don’t know. Mostly when Vins lads get sent off for multiple fouls I’m inclined to accept it. It has happened in the past and I’ve not kicked up the way one or two are on here. And indeed people are entitled to complain. But the personal nature of some of the criticism by a couple is way beyond acceptable.

It’s gotten to the point with Diarmuid that not only he, but any Vincents or Dublin supporter, depending on who he’s playing for, is utterly sick of how he is treated. And there was plenty of help being offered to the linesman on the terrace side. And not only from Vincents people. Plenty of neutrals saw the same thing.

Anwyay, I’ve no issue with Judes. I felt they had a serious chance at half time and as I said earlier I would have tipped my cap and moved on if they had won. But there’s no doubt in my mind that they are entirely responsible for their own demise on Saturday.


Connolly was clearly being targetted during the first half, two lads then went after him on the way off the pitch at halftime. Whatever about what Ger or Mossy got up to that’s a fact. It needs to be stamped out.


In the land of the blind the one eyes man is king. That’s an amazing comment Alan from someone who finds minute fault with most non Vincent’s players and mgmt at club and county level… but fair enough Arsene, if you managed not to see anything erong

Sorry if anyone is offended by my wish for mum to win by 20. I expect they can do do if fully firing and respect them for the football they play. But does it matter to me of they win by 1,10 or 20. Not in the least. NJudes have enough decisions to mske locally, as the failt fof losing lies with mgmt and 2 sent off pkayers by and large.

The refusal to replace 3 underperforming forwards before the seeing off cost dearly. It was compounded by an ineffective linesman but that’s par for the course 're officialdom

Given some of the tripe you wrote Alan about your cool clean hero dermot and about other pet projects it’s deeply ironic for you to call anyone else out on posting.

But ye are Vins and therefore know best

Anyways Ophelia is causing me more concern than ger brennan , alan o’c or Vincent’s…


Fair enough. If that’s how you feel :wink:


It is but was obviously missed by one of us as we do have a life too outside of here.

If you think a post needs to be dealt with please report it as it guarantees we will see it.


The scary part is you are probably seroous


Alan is a very seroous man in fairness!


I’m not. I don’t take myself as seriously as you clearly do :wink:


I’d like to report it for the phrase used, to be honest. Mossy Quinn wouldn’t be high on my list of Dublin players but the phrase used was totally unwarranted, in my opinion.


Gone now but if I missed anything just let me know.


I’ve seen you play, you nearly always missed!


Be interesting the next time vins are in a big game and get beaten with some controversy involved, I assuming their won’t and can’t be a peep out of them


Will do in future
Had a look for the post but Rico seems to have deleted it
Hopefully he has regretted posting such a childish and inappropriate personal slur on a player