Dublin Senior Football Championship (SFC) 2017


fair enough wifi a fair point but some of the pompous piety of the “aristocrats” supporters is disingenous. Both teams were poor and the losing team ended up with 13 players while to neutrals Vins were lucky to finish with 15…

but thats life as I said Judes made considerable selectorial and tactical blunders and have 12 months with an aging team to rue those as it was a game there to be taken


Calling out in sporting behaviour from two vins angels is hardly throwing toys out of pram & not sour grapes either just calling out if you swapped things around vins wouldn’t have been overly happy with kev & Ross trying to get lads booked or only two vins players getting booked for a malee


Did you see Ger Brennan pulling Cunningham down or did you see him lead with head high elbow in first half on stand side

Or are you playing the arsene wenger line of not seeing it so cant comment.

none of it will change final result…


I saw Cunningham landing on his arse but I was on the terrace side so I didn’t see how he got there. Maybe he dived? Seemed to be a lot of that going on.


I really do not know which is worse, the systematic vicious targeting of diarmuid Connolly throughout the game on Saturday or the vile defence of same. What sort of ethos is in that senior management set up, rather than questioning the ref, better to question the manager and ask what’s his agenda . Jude’s are a better team and a more sporting club than what represented them sat night.


i’m questioning the defenders of the faith the see no evil hear no evil from Vins who wont accept that Ger B deserved the line for 3 seperate fouls


Vins wouldn’t be aggressors at all but like all top quality teams they can look after themselves when they have too

It’s always good to beat negative teams and put them back in there box, if that comes across as arrogant then so be it

Maybe if judes put more effort into playing the game rather then trying to goad vins players they may have got closer to them

But even with 15 v 15 it would be a vins win all day long Harry

O and TQ is a class act


I tend not to spend the whole game watching Ger Brennan though. Im sure if one did, every match he plays you could make a case for him to be sent off, if you look hard enough.


Yeah but the Cunningham incident on Quinn was a yellow each mate. I’m sorry but it was.

Granted Cunningham should have got the line after he pulled down Diamond.

I didn’t enjoy watching Judes but Vincent’s have slowed up a lot . they’d have blitzed a team like Judes two years ago.

But it brings into question the standard of Dublin football I think with so few teams competitive now. You literally have two teams now and forget the rest.


Seen one instance in the first half where we took hit/smack - it was funny to see his reaction and he was looking around to see if the lino or ref seen it - then when he wasnt getting anything - he was using the head to not hit the judes lad when his body wanted to hit him as the lino was looking at him - in the end he gave him a little clip or push and the judes lad went down easy.


waltzer it needed no observation to see Ger brennan in full flow on saturday night, but ye won and are happy to have done so.

I hope Ballymun win by 20 points a proper team, a respectable decent manager who sees the bigger picture on and off the pitch and no shite about them and no superiority about them either.

and i do feel Ballymun are that far ahead of the rest




Get off that high horse would ya embrassing comment


Wow didn’t expect that, seems no depth too low bud :roll_eyes:


It was not a dive and the linesman clearly saw it, it was right in front of him, clear red, all day long


Fair play Napper. I’m staying out of this one because some people have made it very nasty and I’m not going to engage with them. But you’re absolutely correct. It was the kind of carry on we saw on Saturday that made it at least a possibility that Diarmuid would just pack in football.


The treatment of Connolly was less than what Brennan was handing out down the other end but it seems to have largely gone unnoticed for whatever reason. It’s not to say either was right but people are very naive to expect teams better players to not be targeted in such a fashion. Connolly will be in for at least the same come the final.

I cannot agree with some of the suggestions on here that Jude’s were the sole aggressors, goading Vins players etc. There were two sides at it. Despite two red cards it wasn’t a dirty game by any stretch which seems to be the trail of thought here amongst many. There was one bad foul in the game. If you actually count back back I would say Vins committed at least as many fouls despite having most of the possession. There were a lot of little cynical fouls from their forwards to stop the counter attack but that’s what top teams do.

As WiFi pointed out there’s no point going back over it all now. The game is done and Vins deservedly won in the end. Regrettably we’ll never know how it would have panned out had it stayed 15 v 15 but I’ve no complaints with either sending off. It was our first decent performance from the numerous semi final defeats in recent years so it was just very disappointing and frustrating how it all turned out.


poor poor Alan, Poor poor dermo.

would you get down of your sanctimonious high horse…

if what some vincents players behaviour as highlighed by others above is acceptable by your standards fair enough… to me you are being colour blind and one sided but its only your opinion i suppose


I’m amazed you can stand up straight with the chips on both shoulders. Your comment above about Ballymun wining by twenty points is the most ridiculous, childish, downright stupid comment I’ve ever seen on this site. And that’s saying something.

If Jude’s had come to play football and had kept all their players on the pitch they might well have won. But they didn’t.


I’d agree that some of the comments have come across as a little childish but you are continuously choosing to ignore Brennan’s behavior but can’t highlight enough how poorly Connolly was treated. You can’t have it both ways.