Dublin Senior Football Championship (SFC) 2017


Ballymun and Vincents deserve to be in final, 2 excellent sides, also very impressed with Judes until the sendings off, they are a very good side, probably lacking 2/3 players to really compete with Vincents and Ballymun. I thought Crokes were poor and are well off the mark.


Crokes have lots of good players . Their problems are all on the line . They should be a lot closer to the top 2.
Really lads like Pat Burke and Vaughan have had their day at this level as starters .


I didn’t follow John after the injury so I missed that . If it’s ligaments he will likely get away with it . But if it’s bones related then he’s in trouble


I’d agree. Crokes were in trouble before the red, Ballymun were well on top.


John was in serious pain, hopefully its nothing serious


You obviously didn’t watch the game the other night if you think Vaughan is done at this level, he was by far Crokes most effective forward.


In that case every single defender who marks from the front is guilty. Can you point to the rule?


That wasn’t saying much . Crokes need a different type of player inside and need to start building a team around youth


But it makes a nonsense of the black card as you can easily disrupt a fella’s chance at a goal without committing a black card offence based on that wording! And if illegally preventing a fella who is through on goal from getting a shot off isn’t a black card offense then the black card isn’t worth a shite!

Makes no sense.


That is the rule tho Al. They should change the wording but currently there is no greater sanction for preventing a clear goalscoring opportunity so it was a yellow or red offence.


Yes, you can stop a goal chance without a black card. But the sole intention of the card wasn’t to stop fouling surrounding scoring chances, it had a broader remit.

Personally I think any deliberate foul should be a card and two of them should be a sending off. But I think they need to tidy up the tackle first so the ref can make a clear judgement on intent.


Fair enough. I saw the replay and I would have said a red card on a closer viewing.

Still don’t agree about Ross O’Carroll though. And if I were him I’d be very upset about people on here saying I was trying to burst someone. Hopefully he doesn’t read this site!


Parnell park is a great little stadium, looking at the Gaelic grounds here on TV 3 massive empty stands. We’re lucky to have our little gem


I am still torn on the Judes decision. Thought it was harsh, doesn’t look like a closed fist so I would lean towards a yellow. But can see why people think red.
Agree on O’Carroll, surprised it was a red. Very rare you see that type of tackle in GAA so maybe that played on the refs mind.


Too much being said about individual players here


The X Factor: Six Chair Challenge? :grinning:


Think McCarthy will find him too much of a handful


Red all day long in my view .

The Jude’s one a yellow .


stream2watch.- UK TV. Eir2. Solid stream after a patchy beginning. Refreshed it twice. Great stream for both games after that.


I’d be more upset about getting sent off than what people are saying on a forum here.

I was watching him as he went into the tackle, he looked like a man possessed and was going into the tackle and wasn’t going to pull out, fact he slid in proved that. Can’t remember seeing a sliding tackle on a GAA pitch in my years playing and watching it (plenty of lads would have been bodychecked alright in those situations when beaten to the ball)

The comment is to put the tackle into context for the purpose of people calling it a yellow or red card, rather than a negative comment on Ross.