Dublin Senior Football Championship (SFC) 2017


Also thought the ref and his linesman missed the Judes no. 3 been taken out of it under the stand side in 2nd half, the linesman certainly saw it as he was right in front of me…


Rico, I did not see the fight but if there was a fight why no Vincent player booked…


Only the ref can answer that one I’m afraid


Wouldn’t agree with game over. Would think it is close enough to 50/50. Not sure what John’s injury was but Paddy won’t be fully healed up in 16 days.


The referee also had a clear view of that. I’m not sure why no action was taken. It was as blatant a black card as you could ever see which is actually probably why they turned a blind eye. Anyway, the game was up at that stage.

I don’t have any huge complaints on the red cards myself. That said it was strange that 2 Jude’s lads were booked and none from Vins when both sides were at it going into half time. The Copeland red was borderline. Could have gone either way.

Gutted for the lads. A lot of people had written us off but it was very much in the balance before that first red card. We’ve underperformed in previous semis but the lads should hold their heads high tonight.

Congrats to Vins and best of luck in the final. They’ll need to improve but Ballymun’s injury troubles makes it finely balanaced.


Didn’t see any of the games unfortunately. Well done Vins and Mun, as expected final. Vincents dual players on a serious run. Great for the club.


Jude’s lost their focus at half time. Sweeney and Cunningham went out of their way to target Connolly . Jude’s lost game in first half kicking aimless ball into FF line when on top in game. Brendan Egan had super game for Vincent’s


Wonder was Willie joe from mayoblog there ??


Another 5 points for small? In some form.


Egan had big game but how he was left free should trouble the judes brain trust…

Took them a long time to inject pace into half forward line where Doherty was the only one performing… balls dropped into keeper in first half costly…

Ref did well to avoid booking anyone from Vins for half time.

Ger brennan benefited ftom several blind eyes.

Would have liked to see 15 on15 with 10 to go.

Can only see one winner in final


Kids a serious player . Power , pace , accuracy . Wins his own ball . Stick himself con and Costello together with Mannion pulling the strings and they’ll take some stopping


We needed someone else to put their hand up. Has he been on the panel at all? What age is he?


I don’t know. I didn’t ref the game. Maybe because Judes were the aggressors? Your Number 8 deliberately sought out Connolly on the way in to engage in some sledging.

Anyway, the bigger issue was the absolute brain dead black card that got him sent off. Pure stupid stuff.


Brilliant. It must be said.


Great day for the club, seniors into a championship final, inters avoid relegation game and 13’s win the league. Some sloppy commentary about the challenge on Jamesy today too by Ross. I know it’s not his form, but it doesn’t excuse what was potentially a leg breaker! A manky challenge. Absolute red! Doubt we’ll go close to our potential to win the county title without the Small contingent, hard to replace a 7 point a game forward and an equalizer defender… But we can hope! Good time for the squad to step up!


Injury prone? He’s 20 for jaysus sake. He hasn’t finished growing yet.


I dunno Rochey. Looked like O’Carroll slipped for me and contact was fairly minimal.


What the contact was is irrelevant but that said, it was a shin high challenge that is a red in soccer never mind our game! Again, not a typical Ross


It must be said … a double header of senior champo semis for a tenner was outstanding value - so credit to DCB there.


For us in far flung places EIR was a gift.A very pleasant way to spend a few hours of a Saturday afternoon.