Dublin Senior Football Championship (SFC) 2017


Copeland was unlucky but your number 8 can have no complaints.


Ouch :joy:




No he wasn’t. Was a dangerous tackle. Deserved to be sent off


Not sure how you figure that. About ten lads from each side involved in a row at half time and he comes out and books 2 Judes players and no vincents. Explain that one to me. Honestly, justify that to me.
Copeland’s was a yellow and no more. High clumsy tackle around the neck. Ruined the game.


He booked your number 8 after the number 8 refused to leave him alone. Eventually number 8 walked off, but then decided he’d go back and have another go at the ref, so the ref booked him, nobody to blame but himself.


What? He booked the two lads because of the half time incident. They’ve told me that.


County players get away with that bit more it should’ve been yellow anyway but if it was the other way around there’s no way he’d send the county player off


Your number 8 is lying to you. He stood giving out to all the officials before the second half, the ref sent him away multiple times, just as vinnies were coming out he decided to have another go at the ref so the ref booked him.


Mun will struggle to win the final without the Smalls. The two of them looked in a bad way. John in particular.


The number 8 was at Connolly the whole first half and went to start the row at the half time whistle. Happened right in front of me. He was the one looking for trouble. And he found it unfortunately.


Mun definite favs but the Smalls will be a massive loss if out. That would definitely level it out.
Is Paddy Small a bit injury prone? Would be a shame given his quality.


Sorry. Was a dangerous tackle and a red. Left at half time as the kids were getting tired and was looking at it in the car driving home. He fairly levelled him.

Judes seemed to be living by the sword in the first half with the niggle.


I’d have to agree . I thought the ref wasn’t great


It’s game over for mun if they are injured . However they have 16 days


And I’m still waiting for an explanation on how no Vincent’s players got booked for that melee when two Judes did.


I don’t know if you’re joking or not. I’ll assume you aren’t. He was booked for the row at half time.


Managers don’t win you games,senior football the players should take responsibility


Iif the team members are outspoken and as belittling to others as you clearly are, perhaps the ref didn’t like them. Is that a clear enough explanation?