Dublin Senior Football Championship (SFC) 2017


Maybe Currie started as He’d be all league games , training etc while Comerford would be away a lot with Dublin ?

Just putting it out there.


where was davy byrne for ballymun ??


Gone from what I’ve heard


Suspended. Sent off against Mary’s in 2nd round. Was one of the many people on the sideline for ballymun



That’s exactly the reason is imagine. Probably putting in a huge effort all year.


Heard he back now


Indiscipline has cost ballymun at least one championship . I think if they keep everyone on the pitch they’ve a great chance tiis year



What date is final scheduled for ??


Are UCD being relegated this year as they gave a walk over in the Relegation play offs ?


I think so. That seemed to be the consensus alright at the time


16 teams being relegated this year is there not?


Should be a cracking day in the Nell on Saturday, 1 decent match in prospect and another major struggle.

WIll be close to full you’d imagine?


dont be selling Mun and crokes so short…


What time’s are the games on Saturday?


mun and crokes 5.00, judes and vins 6.45


:+1: cheers


Are they televised?


yes they are been shown on Eir sport