Dublin Senior Football Championship (SFC) 2017


I could give you an insight, but I couldn’t be arsed answering an obvious troll. If you don’t know what Paddy has achieved, you shouldn’t be asking the question. Oiche maith


What paddy Carr has achieved with kickhams I’m oblivious to. I would be concerned if the quote attributed to him in relation to Donegal managers job is true “having looked at it, it would not be compatable with principal post in navan” .
I wish kickhams the best in championship, was supporting them on sat evening, while it’s not my club.


It’s similar to the reason most county teams do it with Dublin. They fear what will happen when they push up, the additional space for the likes of Dermo and Mossy to work in could kill them early on.
It’s also a difficult tactic to keep up for prolonged periods.
I don’t think Judes will push up, they play a very defensive game. If Vins win then their final opposition will most likely have a plan to press at certain times.


Yep I can see the logic in keeping Cluxtons understudy on the bench. Makes sense . Stick a poll up there and see how many agree with it
Look at that - a response and I didn’t have to personally insult you either . Try it yourself sometime .


Are you Paul Kimmage in disguise ?


They won’t win sitting back . If you look at the amount of scores Vincent’s get off free restarts it makes no sense to sit back either.
Ballymun are the same. Both teams use their athletic ability to run the ball from back to front . Neither team is especially good at midfield either
Ballyboden were brave two years ago and used a top goalkeeper and a midfielder in MDMA to ensure they dominated possession
If crokes and Jude’s sit back they will lose in my view


Judes play a hard running game from deep. That is part of the reason they won’t be able to push up all the time. Maybe they can co-ordinate it and push up in spells. But if they tried it for an hour, coupled with their running game, they would be out on their feet with 10 to go. You would imagine at that point Vins could bring in Burke/Galvin and Feeney, who are strong runners, to cut through Judes a bit easier.


Carr did well with Kilmacud Crokes though it could be argued he was working with an exceptional bunch of players, most of them Intercounty at some level, and they were in their prime when he was there. A bit like what he has now with Ballymun.

His other management gigs were so so. Don’t think he won anything but he certainly has vasts amounts of experience


Which is why I don’t see them winning but they should give Vincent’s a run for their money


Vincents subs numbers were wrong too, I just checked back the eir sport recording (great coverage btw) and I think they never figured out who some of the players were.


That’s along the lines of what I thought, might just add that I thought kickhams probably should of beaten Vincent’s last year, and in my opinion had the better team. The whelan sending off was a big factor but not to keep a man marker on Diarmo in the final 10 mins was ultimately the difference.


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They will make it very tough for the 3 lads inside. I think they will keep it tight enough. One thing that impressed me about Vins was some of the shooting from difficult positions. They will need a few long range scores to keep the scoreboard ticking over against Judes. Any long spell without a score will encourage Judes.


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Strange now that a second manager in Vincents isn’t starting Gavin Burke in Senior championship games.

He was our best young player for many years and I expected him to be an O’Byrne cup/league panel player by this age.

Maybe he’s carrying a knock.

His ability to kick long range points was always great to watch


I would seriously question that decision personally. He was a very talented underage player and he just seems to have lost his way a little. But maybe he will get back in for the next day


Vins HF line very competitive to keep a starting jersey in, Diamond, Burke and Feeney all battling for one jersey


True but I would argue Burke’s ceiling of performance based on finals is higher. Granted I only see a few games a year so maybe he’s bang out of form this year


From being at the game , was interested when Burke came on , such was his impact on the game can only assume he may of been carrying a knock as the reason he didn’t start