Dublin Senior Football Championship (SFC) 2017


I think Small should definitely be looked at by the county team. Does anyone know his situation with regards to the O’Byrne cup? As in is he with a college team or can Dublin use him?


Does he make the cutoff point for the U20 team this coming year?


That game should bring Mun on a lot. They will only improve the more game time they have together. When they get to full pelt the will be very hard to beat. You would expect Philly or Small to nullify Mannion in the next round.


Yeah I can’t see past Mun meself - maybe even right through til March


They don’t have Diarmuid Connolly . Vincent’s should be eternally grateful the day he entered their gates. He’s the difference in their championship wins on this team .
They aren’t any Lee Keegans at the other clubs to mark him . At this level he’s virtually unstoppable .
It’s funny how Corofin and Slaughtneiul were able to limit him but in the Dublin SFC he’s unstoppable


Small did a pretty good job of it in the first half last year. If Small had to have followed Connolly when he went to full forward they would’ve won the champo I believe.


Think he misses the cut by a couple of days


As a Vins aside, I only noticed the other night how strange a kicking style Varley has. Looks like he’s clubbing the ball to death - but it usually goes over


Varley was the next big thing in mayo at underage but never fulfilled his potential bar 2012 versus us
He’s a good player . That full forward line average age is about 33. If they get armchair ball like Syls have them they’ll destroy you
Jude’s should be able to give Vincent’s a very good game but I’m doubtful if they have enough quality to win.
I think it’s the first meeting since since the infamous 2007 game ?


Yeah would tend to agree. Vins nothing like the side they were a few years back but have that aura that United had under Ferguson and often have games won before the ball is thrown in. Even Ger had an armchair ride the other night. Think he scored a point?!


Met in 2010 too when Vins won by a cricket score


This is definitely the best team you’ve had .

Probably a few on Judes and Vins teams where it’s the last run,

If you get your match ups right - you’ve definitely got a very good chance.

But who will mark Connolly will determine your fate.


Shows the scope of the achievement though with county u21s this year, to win the AI without him.


They didn’t really stop him, they were just better in other positions and Connolly spent too long defending instead of attacking.


The best job I have seen done on Connolly in club football was Bob Dwan from Boden. Was all over him like a rash that evening.


Agreed but Boden stopped Dermo at source by winning midfield . That’s why I’m constantly amazed at teams giving Vincent’s free kickouts when the teams to beat them like corifin and slaughneuil stopped Vincent’s in their weakest area which is midfield


You’re some clown. Thankfully, we in the club value a proven manager and gentleman in the guise of Paddy Carr over a keyboard warrior like you.




You might give some insight why your "proven " manager didn’t start comerford in first half. those of us without the inside knowledge view it as a poor decision. I’m not aware of what Ballymun have won under Carr, be delighted if you could let me know, or does the "proven " apply to proven in a previous managerial appointment .