Dublin Senior Football Championship (SFC) 2017


Some joke alright


Currie in goal ?What about Comerford, did he play in the second half ?


Comerford came on at half time and did well. Looked tactical rather than enforced.


Going by reports, Paddy Small seems a decent bet for Dublin


Has to make o’bytne cup squad first


Yep sure, that’s what I mean by having a try out with Dublin. No one is going to walk onto that team from outside the panel.


Conormckeon on twitter:
St Brigid’s just broke the world record for a dummy team. Lined out like this: 1
5, 12, 6
23, 18, 10
22, 14
19, 8, 21
11, 17, 4




If 1-6 from play doesn’t attract attention nothing will. Needs to follow it up though v crokes


I like his directness . He’s a talent might take a year or so


It’s all well saying he deserves a chance but when you look at the forwards who couldn’t get on the pitch for Dublin this year he’s behind all of them. Not taking from his performance today he was excellent, but think he’s a long way to go yet before making an impact on the senior squad


He doesn’t neee any help in winning his own ball . He certainly isn’t behind the likes of o Gara


Behind in the pecking order now. I reckon if he was given a chance He would jump ahead of a fair few lads.


Comerford not starting for Mun is very odd. The kid is special.


A sackable offence for any manager in my view


Ahh I dont know, never got excited when he got the ball like I used to when he would take on a man or too and make Stuff happen. Maybe injuries have taken their toll, but dont think he has anything to offer Dublin wise at this point


Paddy small impressive last night, replacing anyone on Dublin panel unlikely, replacing O Gara not a looking hope. Put this insightfulness in the same basket as the prediction made on here at half time of this match providing a possible upset when brigids had coughed up a 6point lead in first half :roll_eyes:.


I’ll take that under advisement . But ballymun will need to improve if they are going to win this. It was a fair assessment at the time


For some reason they’ve been doing this for a long time.

I originally thought they had given out squad numbers.


Paddy is still only 19, missed a lot of Dublin 21s campaign with injury. Mun should improve goin forward. People forget with so many on Dubs panel it takes time for all to gel again.