Dublin Senior Football Championship (SFC) 2017


Definitely, very good young player.


Sorry…lost track. Who is the player?


Lorcan Galvin.


Ballymun v Kilmacud
Vincents v Judes


Lovely draw for Vincent’s


Vins man running scared …:smirk:

I’d be lumping on the Mun meself …


We’ll have the final so that all neutrals were hoping for.


Jude’s v Crokes?


:joy: county board are delighted .
You’d get a bigger crowd for the marquee county final then some of Dublin NFL games .


:joy::joy::joy: if only


Great stuff


Currie started in goal for Mun and subbed off at half time. How Brigids left the same defender on Small for the whole game was beyond me. Good start for Brigids but didnt score for last 20.

Jude’s didn’t look bad but Cuala were weak enough beyond their county players. Expect Vins will have too much for them.

Mun vs crokes will be interesting but going on last nights performance id back Mun. Few interesting match ups in that game as well with Cian possibly marking rock and small or Philly on mannion


None of the non natives in
Judes have gotten anything except an opportunity to play higher-level football than at home.

3 starters and 2 others who were brought on…


I never said they did . Other clubs … however


I hear you LR and not all others can hold their heads high on that front


You’d be be right. We need Ballymuns nigjtmare with vincents to continue or we’ll be bet


semi finalists are paired off also judes and Vincent’s with club men managing and Crokes and Mun with externals.



Sure neither of us have made the final yet. We’ll look before we leap bud!


It’s an unenviable task but should I have been surprised to see a ref who had two reds overturned from the last round rewarded with one of the quarter finals this week?


You’re right. Jude’s & Crokes will relish the challenges. We could both be turfed out before the final