Dublin Senior Football Championship (SFC) 2017


Jude’s have got with the programme that you can’t win this championship without recruiting outside players
Cuala will have to do the same


Probably that Balltmuns inters are playing championship this afternoon too


How did Galvin do last night?


Makes sense for the 25 with ballymun…38 for cuala seems tad excessive especially as even a lot of first 15 were out of their depth.


How many have Jude’s got from outside in first 15?


I counted 3 anyway and maybe one other which is typically the average


Solid. Great example of how to bring a player through. The club have done a great job with him.

Is the semi draw after the second game tonight?


I don’t see anything wrong with 3. It’s natural with so many people from outside Dublin living/working in capital. All SF teams (except maybe a few further from city centre) would have that many. Any more than 4 though and it’s a sign that club is punching above its weight due to imports. It’s just more pronounced in sfc as the 3 additions tend to be quality.
There are certain teams below SF who add far more


Liked the lad since I saw him at Inter


I agree on the relocation item . But some of the transfers aren’t based on that either but how one polices lads getting free rented apartments and cars is nigh on impossible

But you’ll see a few internal transfers next season . Those ones I have a bigger issue with


Can’t disagree on internal transfers. Simply shouldn’t be permitted.


It was 3.


I see ballymun struggling against brigids .
Only for paddy small they’d be up shit creek here .


That would be a massive massive upset. Hopefully Brigids see it out


I am suprised some of the bigger meath and kildare clubs have not tried to transfer outsiders in. There close proximity to Dublin surely makes it an option for them.


Yes but huge floating tv audience and tv exposure grows interest.


Some going. 2 years ago playing minor B champo, last year Junior C and this year inter and senior. Very good player. Unlucky that 21s is finished now at inter county


Paddy Small - I’d say gavin will be looking



Small very impressive