Dublin Senior Football Championship (SFC) 2017


By signed players do you mean new people have become members of the club? I wouldn’t know



Freeman is signing anyway . I was surprised st the other one
Jamie Clarke to crokes looks like it might happen also


Freeman was down last year training as well. No surprise really with that one if it does go ahead. Probably making the right call, no point travelling across the country when his county career is pretty much over now at this stage.
Interested to see the other one, there has been plenty of rumours knocking around the last year or 2.


It’s too small time for a national broadcaster . Advertisers have zero interest in local sport.
As a model it’s loss making all the way


Think they had the Judes Boden final years back. 2010?


But for a channel like eir it’s content that has an audience, possibly not a huge one but I can’t get eir at the moment but would really like access to these games (on top of league games) so I’m going to have to consider changing provider.


I’d have thought if they’ve invested in the staff and OB units, then the cost of showing live sport to fill schedule is worth it…especially when no buying rights.


Who’s the other one?
Freeman has been suggested to vincents for several years but never come to pass. Never really did much with mayo from passing observation -what’s the view on him?


I think Eir are just running it as a loss leader to keep a foothold in the GAA market . They’ve very little content with Rte as a competitor . Rugby for example is a bigger coup as it brings serious heavyweight corporate sponsorship
You’d barely a few thousand there for the first game last night . If even


Judes 9-4 up at half time. Looked like it was going to be an absolute hammering at one stage, but Cuala have showed a little more fight in the second 15 minutes. Judes still seem to have an extra gear when they need it however.


The stand was fairly full and there was a good crowd on the open terrace. Thought it was quite a good crowd for quarter finals


For one I’ve no real interest in the club becoming a rest home for former inter county players.


Jude’s should be well ahead here but soft Cuala goal has them back in it. Con is class. Causing havoc every time he gets the ball.

On the more bizarre side of things. Have just seen the first every own point as Jude’s full back kicked a point for Cuala :smile:


Jude’s are Castleknock -1, very defensive no surprise there


Magee interestingly came on for Athlone in the Westmeath SFC today. They lost .


One way traffic really . Cuala out of their depth


Strange as Cuala definitely have the players to be competitive against Jude’s



Not sure what it says but cuala brought 38 players to Parnell while ballymun have 13 less at 25.