Dublin Senior Football Championship (SFC) 2017


Read somewhere recently he’s working as social worker in a women prison in New Zealand


Whoever are drawn to meet Vincents in the next round should target Savage . . . he was terrible under any high ball that went into the square punching and flapping. He’s deffo a weak link


Has Darren McGee dropped down too?


Really? I thought it was a poor showing myself. Castleknock are dreadful to watch. I can’t see Crokes getting close to either Vins or Mun off the back of tonight’s showing.


Ye horrible football painful to watch


That was painful to watch. Two teams playing horribly negative football only illuminated once with Mannion’s phenomenal goal. Castleknock really are a terrible team to watch, and much like Tyrone getting a dusting against us, hopefully this will see an end to the blanket in club championship. Them getting to another final would be a defeat for football.


I’d worry about yourselves tomorrow chief . In fairness you’ve blown a lot of chances recently


So was that a proper game tonight or are u on a urine take


Knock are one of the worst teams for negative football in the history of Dublin GAA.
Any win against them is a good day out . Jude’s beat them last year …ah no wait now


We scored 1-4 against them and James king in a nightmare display.

Just to save your sarcasm LR


But you won ?


Their Twitter feed is good for anyone abroad btw. Are TG4 out of the equation now for club matches all the way to StPatrick’s Day?


I’m not sure what relevance that has to the point I was making about the game tonight. :thinking: It was terrible stuff. I’m not sure what you were watching.

I was very impressed by Vins although they never needed to get out of second gear. I see it as 50/50 with Mun now. None of the remaining 4 will get within 6 points of them.


Anyone on show tonight worth a look at with the Dubs? Sweeney any good for Syls?


You couldn’t beat knock last year

I still can’t see past Mun . Syls were so bad you couldn’t make a call yet on vins. But can’t see Jude’s or Cuala raising a gallop

Two teams to win it vins or mun


Good to see you managed to remember the 2016 result. We managed to beat Crokes then also and Cuala but all that is irrelevant to tomorrow


But you beat knock ? … I love a late night wind up :joy::joy:


Nopes tg4 never showed this stage of dub champ, they still have their usual coverage


Well said


In fact they wouldn’t always show the Dublin final as they have so much to show. Think the club champ is totally untapped resource. The pro12 gets loads of coverage and apart from the big derbies no one gives a damn.