Dublin Senior Football Championship (SFC) 2017


“You didn’t score a goal, would that worry you?
” No"


Good spot. I didnt cop that (and neither did CK). Would the ref have given a peno had that happened? Not so sure.


Juniors I’d say at this point at best



That’s where the cute player should remind the ref of that particular rule, leaving him with little choice but to award it. (Same as Cillian O;Connor should have a few years back!!!)


That was a proper game of football


The brian mullins of early 80’s wouldn’t recognise the media friendly mullins of 2017.
Asked a question once back in playing days, he replied “no comment and you can’t quote me on that”.

Perhaps he was obliging fellow club member with Anna geary now toggling out for Vins camogie


Did you think? I was a bit disappointed in the quality, but at least it was close. Maybe I was expecting too much, but Crokes will have to improve to progress.

I did think Cian looked really good (albeit needs to back himself when there’s a handy 30 yard point available for him in front of the posts)


I’ll start following Vins camogie then


Careful now!


And she has a Plunketts boyfriend ! A Dublin club & a Dublin bloke , a fully fledged Dub soon !


As bad as Syls were, Vins looked good. They’ve over relied on Connolly massively in recent years but it was a very solid all round performance. No issue with hunger there either.

2nd game had a good atmosphere but the quality of football was poor. Crokes playing a blanket defence with the players they have is crazy. And playing Mannion closer to his own goal than the opposition goal was even more bizarre. Any time he was within 40 yards of the opposition goal he was a threat but he spent a ridiculous amount of time behind the ball. Looked like he hurt his knee too.

Crokes looked like they’d no idea how to play whatever system they were trying to play. If it wasn’t for the natural talent of Cian and Mannion they’d have been easily beaten. System hindered them massively Ballymun or Vins would wash the floor with them.

Also Ross O Carroll celebrated the final whistle like it was the all Ireland final. Sprinted the length of the pitch jumping up and down. Nice to see that bit of passion


Is Rory O’Carroll in the country ?


Decent analysis fab but did anyone expect anything but a disaster tactically from that gobshite.


In New Zealand I think


Will bring crokes on a tonne . Confidence is everything at this stage .
Syls were so bad it was laughable . Worst team I’ve seen in the last 8 in years


Agree on Syls but not so sure on Crokes. Playing everybody but 2 lads without pace behind the ball won’t work against better teams. Their transition out of defence was clumsy and they regularly ran into blind alleys. I also don’t think they’ve a sideline capable of rectifying any issues


Would agree , lethargic & worringly unfit . Tactics were a shambles , well down as HT and still persisted with the same tactics in the second half.

Vins could have won by a lot more but made subs early . They have a strong panel.


Some size management team on the sideline