Dublin Senior Football Championship (SFC) 2017


Nope. Outside when the “point attempt” was kicked…


Plenty! They won’t worry about that. They wear the Tipp jersey after all, and not for no reason!


:joy:. Second favourites I’d say


Crokes don’t have a proper full forward line-

The likes of Kavanagh are missed in this sort of game - I’m not sure where he’s gone



Good game all the same - for me very evenly matched teams with some class from mannion especially

Ballymun and to a slightly lesser extent Vins are at a different level


Ciaran K is such a waste at sweeper.



I’m going to have to get eir sports lads, coverage looks great


Jebus, no escaping Horan on televised GAA.


Could be worse could be kimmage


Kicked a couple of peaches.

Syl’s very disappointing.


Huge win for crokes


Crokes deserved it. Mannion good, O’Sullivan very good.
Poor effort at the end by Kilkenny.
First semi final for Crokes in 5 years. Serious underachiievers!


All he had to do was blast it at the defenders inside the square to get a penalty!!!


Is Brian Kavanagh still playing with Crokes?


Well kicking it over the bar was pure useless given the ref told him time was just up.
His own midfielder standing in front of him on the egde of the small rectangle didnt help him


Why didn’t he request for the Crokes players to move back further?


Went to see arsenal play middlesboro in the Riverside cpl years ago ,Jimmy Floyd hasselbank was playing that’s how long ago it was , went up from a stags in Newcastle , Jesus Christ grim up north doesn’t half describe the place .
Newcastle taxi driver later that night said they call them the 'smogies ’ .


Should have but at the same time if Kilkenny had kicked it at the players off the line in the small square, a penalty would have to be awarded. Queue the protests!!!