Dublin Senior Football Championship (SFC) 2017


Sincerly doubt Davy Fitz was watched as he stayed over in Ferns, wexford but yea Connolly would be watched so there would be no point


His season is over unless he wins the appeal


he can;t even go play in America I presume? He’d make a nice bit of cash if he was allowed


Vincents on the slide due to? They were in an all Ireland semi 5 months ago. couple of players pushing on but they are still strong.
Syls look to have there act together and hopefully give Vinnys a good rattle. Id say Judes are the happiest team coming out of the draw.


Entirely dependant on the best player in country . Previously he was just a very important player . But he’s so good he can win club championships on his own


So DC is on the slide?


carrying things on his back


So he’s not?


We agree on something . A seminal moment


Think his point is, while once he was only a very important player, Vincent’s are now totally reliant on him, and the Lone Ranger doesn’t think he can carry them by himself


We’ll agree to disagree. Still only one team would be favourites against them. That’s hardly slipping. Not yet anyway.


Whats the story with the relegation championship??


No relegation this year due to UCD been kicked out (As far as I know, Could be wrong)


He’s the most important player in the country. But not in Dublin


Can anyone tell me if the senior B championship is going ahead this year?
If so, what are the results so far and fixtures?


A few clubs have booked warm weather training camps for this I believe .


I watched Ballymun away to Crokes this evening. Although they lost by 2 points I was very impressed by their style of play and movement off the ball for the first 45 mins. With the players they have to come in I think they should be very heavy favs for the Dublin Championship and if they win Dublin I think they could go all the way to the AI Championship if they keep their game plan and discipline.


Howya paddy


Any word on dates for senior championship? I heard dates were set last night?