Dublin Senior Football Championship (SFC) 2017


Stato82, You certainly nailed it there, I am impressed, only query I have, did Ballymun Kickhams have any Country import in their championship winning teams in the 80s…


Owen Sheehan (RIP) 93 and Damien Collins 97 were the non Dubs who played for Isles when they won the championship


Do the Garda not get an exemption to that rule due to numbers?


Yes, Tommy Carr played for us with his brother Declan. Kevin Mc Stay did for a short while too… He didn’t last long though to be fair! We recognised a bad decision early doors!


They do, allowed play for Garda college 2 years after you graduate


was with ballymun when playing for mayo in 1985 all ireland semi final i think


Big mistake putting him in digs in Rocheys …


As I said earlier Ballymun had a few 'interlopers" over the years. Much to my chagrin.
However there were none when we beat Clontarf!!
And the dedication and hard work of the countless underage mentors and custodians keeps the flag flying high. I’m proud of my club for looking after our own young lads and continuing to try and develop from within. I’m not totally insensitive to the plight of “outsiders” trying to find a club.I played in Boston for years. If I was a good young footballer from??? I think I’d like to play for Ballymun if I was good enough.
As an aside, and how things turn out sometimes…
Tommy Carr’s young lad won a County Minor C’ship in Westmeath this year with Shandonagh(Mullingar) their first ever. My youngest brother managed the team. U 14’s lost the Feile Final.
Small seeds…
Big F*cking Plants!!!


Lostcause, Is that McStay , did he win a championship with Ballymun, I dont think so…


not a name associated with too many champo wins


Long time in replaying to this Cuala v Maurs question, but here goes…

Con O’Callaghan was superb in the first half. Maurs were the better team in the half, and should have been further ahead at half time. Reddin scored a fantastic goal and was giving Fitz the run around. But Con OC got a brilliant 1-3 from play, and then another tap-in to an empty net after a defensive howler from Maurs. Cuala keeper made a very good save right on the HT whistle too. So Maurs only ended up 2 ahead at the break.

Con was quieter in the 2nd half, but the third quarter was the key to the game. Mark Schutte (in particular) and Luke Keating were just outstanding and we couldnt deal with them. The 3rd quarter score must have been something like 1-6 to 0-1 for Cuala, and the bulk of that was down to Schutte and Keating (after neither had excelled in the first half)

Maurs got on top in the last quarter, but couldn’t get enough scores, probably started going for goals too early instead of nipping away with the points (should have been awarded a goal very late on when the umpire was asleep, but it was too late anway). Overall Cuala were full value for their win and should give a good account of themselves in the QF.


Anybody know if Davey Byrne got a straight red or two yellows against Mary’s?


straight red I think


Draw being made tomorrow evening for the Quarter Finals…


We can anticipate them all summer then :joy:


Very Strong last 8, hopefully some massive games ahead, wonder who the top teams would be hoping to draw?


Brigids, Sylvesters and Cuala would be on most wishlists i think, but its a stronger final 8 than a lot of recent years.


Ballymun the ones to avoid. The other 7 will all fancy themselves in one way or another against the rest


Yeah, they look really strong, if they can keep there best players on the pitch and fit they will take some beating…