Dublin Senior Football Championship (SFC) 2017


I thought it was a soft free yesterday but seeing it again it’s a really really awful call against Alan Brogan.


Ah stop if that’s a peno every football game would have 100 frees a game ye might aswel forget it gave would be gone . Anyway not my club but if it was I would be fuming


If that was down the other end of the pitch it’s not given. Age old problem in the GAA of a ref trying his best to give a side the chance to draw a game. Terrible decision.


Think you are still feeling a bit of pain from last year.
For the peno Kilkenny was about to pull the trigger anyway.
Said earlier, last free in normal time was soft, plus Bernard bought one prior to that. Nesty was acting the maggot all 2nd half and didn’t get caught. Heard later that Alan B paid a visit to winning dressing room to genuinely compliment them them, fair play despite his frustration.
Long story short, Castleknock were much better and deserved to win.


As regards all this talk about “imports”. I was always a vehement antagonist,
I don’t give a’ town halls’ what the circumstances are, My own club has been guilty
in the past. Disappointment for me
That being said with the kind of hard work and endeavour that has been constant since I first played in the Street Leagues in 1968 I think the custodians of our club understand that it starts at home. Develops at home and the odd time it blossoms at home. Making it Oh, so much sweeter. Fathers and sons…etc
Ciceam Baile Munna Abu.


Surprised to see Castleknock with so many outsiders, 5/6 is a lot on a starting team.
I thought they were founded to give the kids of the area an opportunity to play well thats what I read in the Irish Times last year anyway. But winning is obviously more important.

Will be interesting the draw for the next round we could see some v big games!


Ha - if that penalty was given against Dublin in September we’d be in the High Court looking for a replay


Have to agree not a plunketts fan but I can understand Alan B frustrations. Made a great interception. CK couldn’t even believe he was awarded a peno.

There’s many more decisions in that clip.


Castleknock are the youngest and fittest team left . Very dangerous opposition .


Plenty of wrong figures being thrown about. There were 3 in starting 15 not 5 or 6.

Lots of comments only about Castleknock as if no other team did the same.


Rebus asked a question re; Castleknock hence the discussion. 3 started, 2 more came on and two more on the bench. 7 in total.

I’d imagine OPER was higher.



Corrigan unavailable due to county commitments

People are very touchy about it. If they didn’t sign for Castleknock they’d be playing for Plunketts or Brigids, that’s life in Dublin. But as someone pointed out earlier it doesn’t fit the narrative to talk about it in relation to Castleknock.


very disciplined defensively as well. Good communication in tracking runners. Will be important for any team taking them on to go man to man for the kick out and put pressure on it. Letting them win easy ball will enable them to launch runners up the park and create overlaps


Ridiculous comment regarding the 1st game in Parnell!!!


This forum/ some of the games have been very lively over the past couple of weeks.

We’ve to wait now till August for our next real game, even that could be a dead rubber depending who comes through the qualifiers.

Club game in Dublin could be so good, factors dictate otherwise.


If they were to go a few points up against a Vins or Mun they’ll find it very hard to claw it back. It’s a frustrating style to play against. With a lead they’ll happily hand pass it around between themselves waiting until a side loses their patience and shape before launching runners from deep. It’d be interesting to see their gps stats. They’ve some serious engines in that side.

It’s difficult to go man on man on their kick outs but I’d agree that’s what sides should at least try and do. The problem is that they regularly drop everyone behind the ball. Then when the ball goes out they take the kick outs so quickly that invariably more often than not they’ve somebody free to take it short. Their keeper does look suspect under pressure though when he doesn’t have that handy short option so if sides can manage to push up effectively he looks like he’ll cough up scores. It’ll be key to beating them.


Thomas Davis v Brigids,

Very nervy opening from both sides with so much on the line, Brigids dominated the opening 10 mins but did not reflect on the scoreboard, 5 wides and a couple dropped short, Davis got a goal on the break to leave it 1-02 to 0-02, brigids started to find there range as the half wore on, John o Loughlin and Phily Ryan main scoring threat, Paddy Andrews on the 40 very busy throughout marshalled by Cian Murphy who rarely attacked seemed to sacrifice his own game for mark Paddy, Hudson kicked two fine scores in the first half but was well marked, Sallier quiet throughout kick a couple of wides but Jack mullins kept a tight leash on him, Darragh Plunkett and Niall Davey put in a massive shift, Plunketts pace caused Davis all sorts of problems, Oisin Kelly used as a sweeper carried very well, brigids led by two at half time.

TD couldn’t get much closer than 2 points in the 2nd half brigids had them at arms length for the second half, Cian Mullins dominated around the middle, had at least 8 marks in midfield, Farrelly best forward on show for TD kicked some nice scores kept them in it, Brigids had 3 to spare should have won be 6/7 in my opinion but will be happy to get over the line, tough to take for TD who have some nice young players but just didn’t seem to show up on the day.


A very nice thing to do from a very nice bloke. 5 year ban.


That Guy constantly lets his team down, didn’t matter on this occasion but last year v Vinnies and many other occasions, sad really because he is a fantastic club player when he concentrates on playing football, fine line and he tends to over step it regularly…


agreed but it’s the norm now so it’s accepted. Sad to see.