Dublin Senior Football Championship (SFC) 2017


Yes, gone back to Cavan


There were 3 starters for Judes v Skerries.


When are QF draws does anyone know?


Not sure I’d agree with that one. He grew up playing for Judes, went to the local schools and is still living in the parish to this day.


Adrian Morrissey from Wexford played with Crokes too.


See Cluxton played 6 for Parnells but no Conor Mortimer, was he togged? Transferred back from his home club again this year.



Any chance of a separate thread for the my number of imports is smaller than yours discussion so this thread can be about the football?


Last Grassroots-gaa match report of the weekend, from Brigid’s vs Davis


Hope maybe yet


September I’d say


July based on my reporter’s article on Brigid’s Davis


Great result for Brigids. Shipped an awful lot of unfair press earlier in the year
Poor result for Davis


Fair play. My head’s melted from three days of doing and editing reports but I’ll have a good look later or tomorrow. Really insightful. Actually the pattern goes back further than I realised from a quick look at this


Don’t forget Eugene McGee’s UCD teams … you won’t find many Dubs there!


An extremely poor game of football. Brigids were just about the best of a bad lot. Hugely disappointing from a TD point of view big game players simply didn’t turn up.


And the Civil Service Team that won Dublin Championship in 1981, 14 from the Country and of course Pat O’Neill…


Can hardly be included in fairness.


Why has the Senior B championship been called the relegation championship this year? just further devalues it. the way i remember it last season- the losers in the SFC first round went into B championship and then the eight losers in the B first round went into relegation. Presumably relegation will now be forgotten about if UCD are eliminated.


How many of the 8 teams remaining are realistic title contenders?


It’s a waste of time of a championship that nobody wants to play in.

The sooner we have 16 teams split into A and B championships. with the winners of the B being promoted . It then has proper status