Dublin Senior Football Championship (SFC) 2017


Less said about the first game in Parnell today the better. Awful standard, could have been junior football at times.

Second game was the complete opposite, an incredible 2nd half and extra time. Everyone has said what there is to be said on OPER, they were very edgy on the pitch. Behaviour of some didn’t cover themselves in glory.

As mentioned by someone else, the OPER kickouts were so one dimensional it was incredible. No movement at all, simply hoof to midfield and hope for the best. Castleknock kickouts very dodgy though, and the 2nd goal they conceded was an accident waiting to happen. Couldn’t understand why they didn’t go long more often as they won nearly every one they did hit long.

The refereeing in both games were in complete contrast with one another. Tony lambs seemed to have left his whistle at home, but Ref in 2nd game used his at every opportunity. Each of the 4 teams will have issues with the refs decisions today, but it made it that bit more enjoyable for the neutral. But must be infuriating to have either as ref. One won’t give you a free unless your assaulted, the other won’t let you tackle at all.


UCD gave a walkover by not being able to field a team. As the result of a regulation change by DCB this year (following a walkover by UCD last year!) UCD will be eliminated from the relegation competition and automatically relegated to IFC for 2018.


Really? Didn’t even think they wanted to be in SFC to begin with anymore


They shouldn’t be in that either


How do you be unlucky all the time ?? If you’re bet you’re bet no matter early or late.


A neutral at OPER/CST match and thought the better team won.While understandable that OPER would have been very disappointed some of the behaviour at the end was unsavoury.Alan B should know better.


Not a neutral but Castleknock would have only themselves to blame if they had lost that one. Created 6 clear goal chances, butchered 3. Deserved winners. Dependence on CK is savage though. However being back in last 8 consolidates last seasons gains.
OPER didn’t have the legs for them. Galvin surprisingly anonymous. Disappointed with Alan B carry on, can only put it down to complete and utter frustration. Referee poor for both, to be fair we were lucky to get the final free in normal time. Bernard bought one for them in mitigation.
Lastly, Castleknock kick out strategy is an accident waiting to happen. Both Oper goals came from them.


Best balanced team . Would have won it last year with 15 men v Vincent’s . If they left a few players who continually get red cards on the bench they’d be in a great position


Do we have final named confirmation yet on those 2?


End of Road for Plunkets, no ‘fairytlale ending for Brogan Bros’


Carlos and o Carroll ?


Disappointing for brogans . Magnificent servants for Dublin . Would have nothing without Bernard and Alan


I’d have thought sherry x 1 or x2 as well as Connolly??


Back to an earlier point and letting you know I have been around for a few years…

What have the following players got in common:-

Martin McCarrick, Sligo-Scoil
Donie Fitzgibbon, Limerick-Parnells
Timmy Cummins, Limerick-Parnells/Syls
Brady, Monaghan-Parnells-cant remember 1st name
Brian Talty, Galway-Parnells
Joe Gilmore, Mayo-Partnells
Joe Fadian, Mayo-Davis
Sean Grealis, Mayo-Davis
JJ Martin, Cavan-Davis
Mick Dillon, Wexford-Kilmacud
Mick Leahy, Tipp-Kilmacud
Seamus Morris RIP, Wicklow -Kilmacud
Padraig Dalton-Wicklow-Kilmacud
Pat Burke, Clare-Kilamacud
Tommy Gunning, Cork-Kilmacud
Gay Cuddy, Mayo-Boden
Tom Prendergast, Mayo -Boden
Duffy, Mayo-Boden
Gardiner, Mayo-Boden
Kieran McGeeney, Armagh-Na Fianna
Pat McGeeney, Armagh-Na Fianna
Durcan, Sligo-Na Fianna
Enda Ledwith, Longford-Na Fianna
Conor Deegan, Down-Kilmacud
Pat Kelly, Mayo-Vincents
Darragh O’Shea, Kerry-Vincents
Coughan, Tipperary-Vincents
BrianMaloney, Mayo-Vincents
Brian Silke, Galway-Syls
Brendan Egan, Sligo-Vincents
Enda Varley, Mayo-Vincents
Feeney, Armagh-Vincents
Durcan, Donegal-Boden

These guys, all from Country, came to Dublin and joined various Clubs and won Championships with their Clubs. I may have missed a few (particuliarly the Na Fianna 3 in a row group), apologies for that.

Point I am making is that if you look back over a 30 year period in Dublin Clib football it is quite challenging for a Club to win a Dublin Championship without a Country import. I suppose the Erin’s Isle Team of mid 90’s are only team to buck the trend.


James sherry yes . Didn’t know his brother was there too


so 2 imports to CK now 4+ but possibly 5-6.


Wow!! There it is now in a nutshell. We are down to mano a mano for the county title.
I hope Smalley’s up for it.


Even with 14 they would’ve won it last year if small stayed on Connolly when he went in full forward. That was the winning/losing of the match- up to that Connolly had been completely neutralised


Agree, I think Karl Connolly tried to pick him up, couldn’t understand it.
Same 2 lads from that game that went off are properly two of their best club players but get involved in needless stuff too often and it cost their team last year.


What was byrne sent off for yesterday?