Dublin Senior Football Championship (SFC) 2017


Lots here writing off CK …


Went to Oper v Castleknock game as a neutral, but was hoping Castleknock would win it by the end. They played the better football and when they ran through midfield Oper hadn’t got the legs to keep up with them. Nesty scored some nice points to keep Oper ahead , they then got a goal early in second half and you felt that Oper would push on, but Castleknock kept coming back , no 8 was full of running , no 14 kicked some lovely frees, but he missed a free late on and I felt that was their chance gone, but they got a dubious free at the end to force extra time although really should have won it in normal play. Hit the post twice (going for goals) and kicked a good few wides. Kilkenny involved in a lot of Castle knock moves, scored a goal and was fouled for penalty. Nesty was constantly trying to get a reaction from the Castleknock no 4 and 17. Alan and Berno very quiet Galvin was anonymous and substituted. Paul Brogan came on as a sub (with a haircut like sideshow bob).was then later substituted and then later brought back on again , he done nothing bar have a fight after final whistle . Alan was very cranky , threw a few digs at Kilkenny with a few minutes left and went after ref at final whistle.
Younger team eventually won in the end.


I said 6/7 on the panel, 4 started this evening and one sub at least.

Surprised some people fancied OPER, Knock with the addition of O’Carroll have only improved from last season.


Was today history making in that a team failed to score in a full game of senior championship (albeit relegation) football. In all my years being interested in the club game (45 or so) I don’t remember that happening before. Just as well for them that the relegation issue for this year was resolved by a walkover else where this evening.


Which 2?


Was that Boden and Whitehall?


Whitehall 0-00
Ballyboden 1-15


Folks, could someone clarify how UCD can give a walkover in Senior Football Champo? Are they gone out of Dublin Championship?


From what I heard the ref was lucky more people didn’t go after him at the final whistle. The peno decision and the last free in normal time seem to have been particularly outrageous by all accounts.


Referee didn’t exactly cover himself in glory in the Plunketts Knock game. The penalty was a massive call that was beyond a farce. McConnell was cleaned out of the kick out for the equalizer and the free seemed soft enough

Find it interesting how neutrals can be of the opinion they play a good brand of football. They have a very good defensive system and great energy. The made McGuinnesses Donegal look gung ho

Declan Lally getting abused by Dublin supporters on Twitter is embarrassing to see.

Well done to Castleknock


Didn’t see Lally red card but would agree that ref made one or two big calls against OPER at crucial times.

What was posted on twitter?


Peno was soft but can see where the ref was coming from. Free to level it was just not a free though and the push on McConnell in the kickout 5 secs before made it worse.

SOPER committed an incredible amount of fouls. Alan Brogan alone must’ve commited 7/8 and should’ve been shown a yellow long before he received one.

Game was won & lost at the kickout IMO, as bad as the goal that Cknock conceded they pretty much retained every other one. SOPER on the other hand kicked no more than a couple of kickouts short out of what must have been a total 30-35. They persisted on landing it on top of McConnell & Dunleavy who were usually on top of one another and the fact they were beside one another allowed the CK players to spoil their kickouts and generally they won the breaks. Galvin only won one breaking ball throughout the course of the game which is amazing considering how strong he used to be at that.

Hannigan & Sheilds superb along with CK. Hannigan deserves a proper run with the dubs. Much better than Darren Daly for example.


Ballymun terrific.

Have to be favourites for the all Ireland


Is there really people out there that think that?


Castleknock kept men back , relied on short kickout , it cost them a goal at one stage and a few hairy moments, but once they broke the Oper half forward line , they attacked at pace through the middle, always had a runner on the overlap and were very direct. .They didnt revert to constantly recycling the ball backwards waiting for an opening so comparison with Donegal is way off.


Have to say Shileds is a great player. Maybe not county level but never stops


Free at the end for CK to level it was harsh. Kilkenny peno was soft., but his arm was pulled back behind him . He also gave Alan Brogan 2 handy frees and Berno a soft free. Can understand Oper being furious,because they were so close your winning it ,but better team won.


You think? There’s a long way to go even in Dublin before thinking about the AI.

The Whitehall and Marys results today must surely hasten the end of this nonsesne.


Any word on when the QF draw will be?


Such quality throughout their lines, temperament could be their Achilles heel.

Wasn’t at the game so can’t comment on red card, if they keep the head they’ll be very very hard stopped in my opinion