Dublin Senior Football Championship (SFC) 2017


No manager this year… not really reflecting whats happening at the moment in the club, give it a few years and we’ll be back to a decent level…


Which one???


My fav … number 15. Do you think his availability could be the difference between winning and losing?


To be honest, I dont know if he is available or not, I’m not close to the senior set up anymore (concentrating on Junior D championship :joy:)

IF he was not playing it would make a difference of course, winning and losing though, I dont think so


Don’t think crokes are near as good as they were 5 or 6 years ago to be honest but there are some good young players there that should compete for a sfc in a couple of years


Cant see fins getting anywhere close to be honest


Skerries should win but I’d say it’ll be quite competitive.


div 3 v div 1 after all…


Aye but won’t be a hiding I reckon …


maybe not. Twomey is a fine player also


i saw someone here say Crokes are a darkhorse this year


Fins have Oisin Lynch on the panel but hasnt made the bench last few games so I’m sure he will be playing tonight


Fins be lucky to get within 10


To be fair Isles are in bits. They like a number of other clubs would benefit of a Senior B championship from the beginning


I fancie crokes to win it myself it could be 2 early for them I don’t know. If I had to pick a winner it would be them.


i suspect they need a good football and man manager as opposed to a sponsor-manager relationship before they can win it


You could be right !

Ballymun for me. Serious side


is paddy carr still there this year with Ballymun ?


Although they are a serious side surely the way the championship is run off after the county season the draw plays a major part in deciding the winners…soft draw can leave teams fresh…injuries between now and October is another factor…it could be a case of survival of the fittest so in theory the muns Dublin contingent could be running on empty come October…


They looked fine in October last year. We were very lucky to beat them.