Dublin Senior Football Championship (SFC) 2017


Sound like Berno was key to Plunketts win yesterday. Was similar a few years ago against Crokes in the first round with OPER up against it, he was the main man.

He may never win quite win a SFC at this stage but he’s done all he can with OPER.


He was outstanding, kept them in it in the first half and their bench in the second half made a massive difference. Ballyboden looked the better team for large parts but only got 3 points in the second half. A few strange decisions by the Boden line I thought.


So did 21’s players play last night? I know Clayton and Basquel did but they both needed game time so that’s slightly different. Did Crokes lads play? Again they probably knew it would be an easy win so could of rested them


Anyone know when the draw for round 2 will be made?


Pretty sure Crokes lads didn’t play - Cuala & Raheny lads won’t play this eve, and Na Fianna lads also.


one crokes player played and a whitehall player. Don’t think either are starters though


Na Fianna in a funny spot also - Senior Manager Phil McElwee is Dessie’s right hand man with Dublin 21s


What time is throw-in for TSS v Castleknock in O’Toole tonight…




Will smith play for skerries . Have fins Anne’s slys any on panel .


back out to 15/8 now


I thought McConnell was excellent for Plunketts. Boden were able to double/triple Bernard in the first half, couldn’t do it when Corrigan and Alan Brogan came on. Thought McDaid did reasonably well on Bernard in fairness, he was just on a different level last night. Maybe being dropped for Dublin has lit a fire under him

Heard MDMA wasn’t injured, seems a strange move in hindsight


some would say the strange move was the appointment of that sideline in the first place…


Why? Farrell says there’s no issue with them playing. So why wouldn’t they play?


Taking a break from acting?


The big one for me is if the Cuala and Raheny lads don’t play


If the Cuala and Raheny lads don’t play it must be their own decision because if management were to have any input on it, I imagine Clayton and Basquel would have been the first 2 they would have pulled as both are returning from injury.

It’s an odd one though, you’d have thought the players would all have gone one way or another, not be split


Looking at the crokes result. Jesus I remember in the 90s Isles were a powerhouse won 2 or 3 and could have won 2 or 3 more championships. What has happened over the last few years with them?

Are kilmacud a major force again?


How do lads think tonight’s games will go?


Heading over to Garristown for what should be a good local derby. Smith would be a huge loss for Harps.