Dublin Senior Football Championship (SFC) 2017


Clayton starting. Don’t see Colm Basquel starting.


Parnell beat ravens well. 7 or 8 in it.


Clayton gone off injured.
Plunketts 1-3 to 5 ahead.


I can only imagine that Clayton was playing to get game time ahead of the All Ireland final,seems to have backfired.


Colm Basquel came on for him. Boden up 10 to 1-4 at half time.


2 hammerings already tonight, expect a few more with Vincent’s, Ballymun etc. Current format doing nobody any favours!


Corrigan came on tonight


Marys beat Whitehall 1-15 to 1-07


Plunketts still winning? Jaysus a preview of championship and not having a clue about half the teams :confused:


Plunkett’s by 3


Plunketts won by 3

Boden in the B championship

Their all Ireland win last year was one helluva smash and grab


Worst team to ever win the All-Ireland of say


Yet they won the final by 10 points !!


‘The toughest’ my backside!


Boden beat Crokes by a point (Crokes without CO’S & Mannion), struggled against Clontarf & beat a terrible Vincent’s team on the day. And sure once you win Dublin, you’ll likely win Leinster & then anything can happen


clubs don’t own players either .


You’ll still have the same idiots here stating it should be a 32 team competition


Didn’t Crokes score 10 goals too against Brigids in league?


There’s more than a few in Vincents believe that the first part of that game was the worst fifteen minutes of football they played in the last five years :open_mouth:


It’s the worst game of football I’ve seen Diarmuid play anyway