Dublin Senior Football Championship (SFC) 2017


To a point you’re right, though Harry is far from the only player I know, but in my defence…

I know what I consider to be serious/ reasonable outside championship winning teams inside out and have done in depth video analysis on all of them. With respect, I don’t consider Skerries to be that.

Outside of that, I know few teams of personal interest to me inside out, one of which is indeed Fingallians. Though I can assure you, nobody would refer to me as being from Fingallians!

Again, with respect, there are 32 teams in the championship. I do this part-time. I see most teams, outside of the top eight, once a year at most. Less if they’re outside Division 1.

I’ve seen Skerries twice in three years, last year’s quarters and the Brigid’s game from 2014.

I could throw marquee names out like most club journalism does, some of which I have notes on, but the tactical nature of the quarter final last year is that nobody really stood out. It was a lot of possession and slow hand-passing, especially when Skerries had the ball, so it was very difficult to really assess player’s ability, and I’m not going to comment on players I don’t feel I really have a proper concrete context for. Against Brigid’s in 2014, Harry stood out as a county standard forward who could win a game on his own given the right ball.

But I do feel I have a reasonable understanding of the system Skerries play, one which I broadly think they can probably implement very effectively against most teams.

So the best thing I can do to do as good a preview is as possible (amongst 15 other games) is take a default of Skerries being the strong favourites and look at how the team I know very well might break them down. There’s no bias intended.

But I do think it’s noteworthy that Fingallians murdered a side who I think were second in Division 2 last year at the time. In the right style of game, I think they could surprise a bottom half Division 1 side.

I don’t think it will happen against Skerries of all teams with their efficient zonal defence, but i think there’s a slightly better than the 30% odds the bookies are offering.

Incidentally, I mentioned four Fingallians players :wink:


They will do very little training at this point .

Saying they could get injured in training is like saying I could get hit by a bus tomorrow


So what’s saying they could get injured in a match like saying… ?


I’m pretty sure a fins man would know Tormey left ravens for fins…:wink:


Tormey is now with fingallians too.


is Keith Kavanagh back from Australia?


Brennans and kavanagh haven’t played in years.
Think he is referring to an era they had.


OK then


Yea he said the second generation are not there anymore too, including Tormey…


One of the Brennans still playing on the third team


he says ‘‘WHEN their second golden generation of Tormey, Kavanagh and Daly goes’’ no?

2/3 of them are gone already


No he’s not…in his defense he said he hadn’t seen ravens in a good few years


Played about three or four championship games. For the third team. Before that has not played in years. And isn’t playing this year.


Have a look at the stats, the vast majority of provincial winners win their quarter final, and the vast majority of teams who have to play 6 days after their last match lose. Not because of the momentum of the other team but because of lack of recovery time. Longford beat Monaghan last year after a one week turn around for Monaghan, that doesn’t happen if Monaghan have two weeks. It’s simple really, your body needs time to recover, and one week isn’t long enough time to recover to then perform at your peak


I wasn’t playing in the match but was told one of them was playing in the cup match against us in Feb this year for the thirds


But that’s your opinion of u21 Alan, can you not understand that for the players themselves this is a hugely important game and the last all Ireland final most of them will play in. That’s why I totally understand the players decision not to play the club championship games. I would do the same if I was in their position.


If players decide they don’t want to play as it will be to their detriment in another game a week later, that’s their choice and they’re entitled to it. Club games shouldn’t be called off on the back of those decisions though.

Also the above is not what’s happened here. A very influential manager called a meeting of a bunch of 20 year olds and “advised” (insert whatever word you want here) them not to play. That’s entirely different.


And if a after said meeting all players had held back and spoken without management, and decided to play then they would be playing and Dessie could do nothing about it, if they really wanted to play what stopped them doing that?


Oh please.

Farrell should have told them to play. End of.

A shocking indictment of the attitude of inter county managers to the clubs that supply their players.

The same man has a poor reputation in terms of his behaviour towards some players under his control. He hasn’t suddenly become an advocate for the poor players being pulled from pillar to post.


What would happen if the clubs ordered the lads to play and the players refused? Could the clubs then suspend the players and thereby make them unavailable to play for their County?

At some stage the clubs are having to grow a pair.

In a few weeks we will see more of our elite club players, aka inter county players, wrapped up into their cotton wooled world and unavailable to their clubs for a few months in case…? When their IC Championship season then ends they will be permitted by the nice kind IC managers to return to their clubs and play a load of clubs championship games in a very short few weeks.