Dublin Senior Football Championship (SFC) 2017


Ah look, I know the what and the how… It’s the why I don’t get. It’s really a terribly difficult thing to get the head around considering how well we were going, and despite the 2 Small lads being at less than 30% I was, and most of my club mates were, still confident enough of winning, not cocky, just confident…

Neither here nor there now. But tactics and all that aside, there is very little to account for why so many of our players had off days. Which is what makes the taste of this defeat so bitter to swallow on this occasion.

A final note on this: There’s one thing I cannot abide is snide f*****s rubbing it in, and I’ve had to swallow a lot of that. My club means the world to me, spent my entire life devoted to it. The win of 2012 was so special I was sure we’d have won at least one more now at this stage. But to have smart arse f****s from Vinnies texting me seconds/minutes after the final whistle when I was genuinely upset, this year, and last? Now that pisses me off. They took from enjoying the cup presentations to text me??? You know what? I’ve never done that shit, to anyone. Ever. Yet Vins people have smothered me in it. It spurns a great distaste in my mouth. I for one will be absolutely overjoyed if/when we do win our next one. And no, I won’t be rubbing it in if/when we do! There’s a certain class of person who understands what it’s like to lose with a club that you love and would do anything for. And then there’s others.

Rant over.


Wow. Have to say that would leave me very disappointed. Wouldn’t want to be associated with that kind of thing at all.


One of them the father of a young lad in the seniors that you have a soft spot for, but he’s originally not a Vins man. It’s just not right Alan. Not right at all.


In 2012 before I even left Croker I had a rub it in text … from a Donegal man. He got it in spades … and more - hate that sh1t and would never gloat - 16 years brings a lot of lessons - and appreciation.

On the BK performance it didn’t look to me like those lads would die for each other. Something missing there perhaps …


May have appeared that way, but it’s far from the truth. it was part of the surreal show that took hold that night


Not reflected in the performance Rochey …


Proper order, @alanoc.


The gas thing about these people who send these texts, tweets etc is that they had absolutely nothing to do with their clubs/counties victory and the majority of them have achieved very little with their own playing careers


Ah look I know that, that’s why I said it was far from the truth. Another part of what was a surreal night. There is a tight bond among these lads. But that night was… I just don’t know anymore. Anyway, I’m done with it. The year is drawing to a close. A line will be drawn under it soon. We must ensure this never happens again. EVER AGAIN


Not on, but there will be always get a bit of slagging, we are dubs supporters but club matters more. You must know them if they have your number…

Got an email from a Mayo man I haven’t spoken to in 3 years asking me about the embarrassment in Marino after the Rathnew defeat. Another email from a guy I haven’t seen in a couple of years from a large south side club doing the same.

We stick together supporting the Dubs, but club it’s dog eat dog, so it should be.


Yous came up against a better team with better players


When we got beaten by Mayo in 06 and 2012 a Mayo lad that used play on team would text straight after rubbing it in. Needless to say we haven’t heard from him in 5 years :smile: :smile:


Was he a dumb blonde?