Dublin Senior Football Championship (SFC) 2017


I can’t see why you would rule out Ballymun so easily. They have four players with multiple All-Ireland medals. The team didn’t show up for the final. If they did, it would be touch and go between them and Vincent’s. Not “showing up” is clearly an issue for them, but not one that’s beyond them turning around.


It was all set for Ballymun this year. All Dublin players fit and firing, and they just didn’t show up. That was probably a once-off, but similar to Na Fianna they haven’t been short of chances to beat Vins and they always fall short.


Overall 15 best players in the county would be my view here, a scandalous amount of talent, and I don’t think it has been used in the right way over the past 3 or 4 years. If they can get their house in order, maybe get Rory O’Carroll back then they will be very dangerous.


… but maybe those four players were tiring mentally? I hear what you’re saying. I just believe they will be in the mix again next year.


Actually, that part is not true.


A few years since they showed up…5 to be precise. Overated with too many weaknesses.


They’ve provided the backbone to the greatest ever county team from Dublin. I don’t think that is overrating them.


Yep, in hindsight I agree, I saw it differently before the game though…


Provided 4, that leaves 11. Proof is in results.


Sounds to me like you have a serious problem with BK. I’ll leave you to it.


He’s a Vinny’s man. A lot of them do.


In fairness he wasn’t fully fit and on the 4 occasions he had got free to loop around his team mate to have shots he was completely ignored and wayward shots were taken instead of the easy lay off to the man…


I’d be more pointing the finger at Deano - he had a shocker. I’d have been looking to him to get things going in the front 6 - not a young lad not fully recovered from a limiting injury.


No great shame in losing to that Vincents side…really top notch side…we all know they were depleted last weekend although I still thought they’d win…however as poor as Mun were on the night was only a kick of the ball in the game…that kick came from the standout Dublin defender this past few seasons making a mistake you wouldn’t expect to see him make…BK will continually challenge and probably win senior championships with the current set up and playing panel


Jesus, I hope you’re right. Right now that belief is not too strong in me. Still feels like I had my heart ripped out that night. Still can’t quite fathom what happened us.


I think there’s been a few good points made about it since - incl here. If you can’t fathom what happened three weeks later it doesn’t augur well for fixing it. I’d start with your set up and tactics …


I’ve no issue with Ballymun, they’ve actually a couple of players I really admire. I’m just expressing my opinion that I don’t rate them as highly as some do.


I don’t see how anybody in Vincent’s would care less about anything Ballymun are doing.


I 100% agree with that…BK are athletically superior to vins and instead of pushing up on them and trying to make them play in such a way that would eventually tire vins out as they wouldn’t be able to keep with the relentless running of Mun…essentially the team dropped off allowing vins free primary possession which is a no go…add to that a free ger Brennan and a lot of the BK lads having an off night leading to the result…cv at the ready @Rochey :wink:


A typically beautiful and magnanimous post from Marino.