Dublin Senior Football Championship (SFC) 2017


I thought that was your offer… 9 grand to stop reading.


Serious question - who will start as favourites for Senior Championship next year outside of Vinnies? There was so much hype about Ballymun on here and they fell flat - can they win another one or are the Ballymun / Vincents days coming to an end?


Have to wait to see what transfer deadline day brings…

I’d say

Na Fianna
Castleknock/Judes/Plunketts/Brigids whatever price you want


I’d have Na Fianna higher up that list.


Ye why not. I’ve backed them every year for the last 3-4 so need to start getting some money back eventually!


Ballymun 7/4
Vincents 9/4
Crokes 5/1
St Judes 7/1
Boden 8/1
Na Fianna 8/1
Castleknock 10/1

Will prob be way off :slight_smile:


Curious as to why you have Ballymun as favorites?


They have been favourites with the bookies pretty much every year at the start for the past 5/6 years


Maybe it’s time they weren’t!!!


Jude’s surely have to be higher then crokes


As long as some of those clubs play their best players in a sweeper role they are going nowhere.

There are at least three of them that I reckon would take Rathnew. That’s food for thought.


Whose your 3?


Mun, Jude’s and Knock - if they dispensed with sweepers. Na Fianna would give it a rattle too.


All of them would beat Rathnew 9 times out of 10


So would Vincent’s!!! Unfortunately.


Only reason they’ve been successful is because of their system. Lightyears away I think. Will win one before plenty of teams talked about above mind you


Don’t get you??? Who??


Sorry - Castleknock


I’d have Vinnies and Crokes well ahead of everyone else. Crokes with a new manager will be tough to stop I’d imagine.


Just wondering what you base this opinion on? It can’t be form? Can’t be that they were close to winning…is it because they have some current Dublin personnel …personally I think there are 4 teams better equipped than crokes excluding Vincents…na fianna beaten by vins past 2 years…mun…judes…knock…