Dublin Senior Football Championship (SFC) 2017


Oh maybe they have…i thought after 2 years outside the county you could transfer back to a club of your choice…


I think that is inside a year


Yeah. If you spend 2 years outside your county you can transfer back to whoever you want. If under 2 years you have to go back to your original club.


Is it worth having someone in a club who does not want to be there? I hope Mearnog stick to their guns and refuse. The reality is the player probably plays less than 8 games a season with his club. He gets a chance to impress JG at Dublin training where he spends most of his season. Not sure how changing club improves his chance of starting county

Was it the Fennell transfer where solicitors got involved?


I understood he was let go from the panel earlier in the year?


he isn’t part of the Dublin panel he was dropped.

hence the reason for the move…


no need for the move though as has been said before


ah grand. I knew the 1 year rule had changed and assumed it was gone altogether


in reality, moving to Vincents wont aid his Dublin chances…might be different for a guy who’d never been on the Dublin panel and was playing AFL3 or AFL4 in poor team but he’s been there, had numerous years IC underage and senior to impress, had all the IC supports while with seniors and in house matches and didn’t make the grade…if they kept bastick warming the bench and let him go, he’s not in their plans.


I thought with four county men versus one, including the top free taker in the country and probably the form player in the country in McCarthy they would have too much. There were no real weak spots on the team (at club level). I realise Vincents had beaten them over other years, but I assumed Paddy Small would give them what they were missing in the forwards previously. But I was wrong… in hindsight the likes of Concar, Mullins, Wilson, Burke etc. probably made Vincents a stronger all round 15.


He’s not part of the DSF panel anymore.
I was talking to a few Vincent’s lads at the weekend and they were indifferent on the matter.
They are very cognisant of the message it sends out to their homegrown players which is fair enough


I think ‘didn’t make the grade’ is a bit harsh. He is only a young lad, and one who lost a wee while with health issues. There is still a lot of time for him to become a regular Dublin player if that is how things pan out. These aren’t professional soccer players with a defined career path, with young guys, other things might have to be prioritised from time to time like college, work, career etc.

In general there are some assumptions in this thread about why he wanted to go, or how serious the desire was.


No wonder Hugh Gill finds himself playing division 10 :grinning:


Vincents 1-15 are strong and experienced. Ballymun are not.Their full back line is woeful and should have conceded several goals in both semi final and final.
Paddy Small is an exciting prospect, but young. He was never going to get the room he got in previous games from the Vincent’s full back line.


I know people are saying that na Fianna should be doing better in the championship these last few years because of there underage succes and the fact they have two teams in senior league but if you look at it they’ve been beaten by Vincent’s twice in the early rounds and tbh I’d think they’d be semi final at least if they avoided Vincent’s both years.


Nobody deserves to win a championship and im sick of reading about na fianna this and that wen they can beat a vins or mun then we can talk about them


Nobody deserves to win a championship … wow that’s a novel thought …

If you’re sick of reading it … don’t. Simple.


9k ill stop readibg thanks




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