Dublin Senior Football Championship (SFC) 2017


1960s view in my opinion . No offence


The county board knew this was potentially coming weeks ago . This is their fault . It’s not the players , clubs or Dessie fault .
Nero fiddled while Rome burns


They knew it was coming and they made their plan. As they are entitled to do. They are the elected officials running the county.

Not Dessie Farrell.


Because club does come first in my view. Because it is traditional to leave players involved in AI competitions with their clubs until they are over. And because what’s happening now has happened for years. It was just another example of clubs being disrespected. That’s why I was, and remain, annoyed by it.


“Couldn’t agree more amigo”, began a nervy Claw.

He had been following the fabled online forum for some time now, and had stood idly by as his beloved club football lurched from one fumbling mess to another.

“No more”, he decreed, his resolve made steely by a sharp sense of outrage and the thoughts of the inevitable lunchtime stout in the Padraig Pearse.

“Lets trust the players to make the right decision and play for their clubs. Keep the faith, in the words of St. Paul.”

Growing up in Ferns he’d always been religious…until the Church scandals hit at least.


None taken. You prefer the ‘16 training sessions for every match’ approach. Each to their own.
Some people are of the opinion that the playing of matches is quite important in the overall scheme of GAA things.
Others think the main thrust of GAA matters should involve calling off or moving every match from it’s original date; agreeing to nothing ‘the other crowd’ agree with; never changing jerseys if there’s a clash - all to gain the all-important “edge”.

Fact is, most games of football are won by the team with the best players. Let players play. They’re worried about an SFC match doing damage? Dessie is going to train the b*llox outta them instead!


Sometimes I wonder have some people commenting here ever played GAA. I’m sorry Drummerboy but it’s total nonsense to say you’re just as likely to be injured training as you are playing a championship match. Nonsense. It’s also nonsense to say that an amateur who doesn’t have the benefit of proper recovery times will be brought on by a game a week before an all Ireland final. The games should have been called off, simple as. And I fully support the players decision not to play for their clubs


Given there are 6 rounds of SFC in Dublin ye and same for hurling? When is the ideal time to play these 12 given that we don’t want a pileup in October and cant play within any reasonable time of an inter-county team potentially having a game?


You mean Intercounty player welfare. He never had any interest in club players when involved with GPA


Don’t use u21 players as a pawn . That’s my point . It’s a disgrace .


Ok fine, but next year blank slate what changes to make it not happen again?


Surely you can see that the players will want to prioritise an all ireland final?


nitpicking but is it only 5 rounds now for football?


correct, my bad


That exactly it. Play a couple rounds before Leinster championship and then blitzed off in a couple weeks when Dublin finish off. DCB took easy option getting rid of backdoor in club championship to save themselves the hassle with fixtures. Ridiculous for example losers of Plunketts/Boden not getting another chance.


Parkinson seems to have just gotten wind of the situation. 5 bonus podcasts on the way


No matter if it’s right or wrong, this is a whole new can of worms in my opinion. In the past, county managers respected the club championship to a small degree, enough to allow players to play in it anyway. This will be the first time a collective team will abstain from playing from their clubs for a county game. I know it’s a final, but I think it’s a disgrace to treat club competitions in this way. Only someone who has never really played themselves at club level only and not county would encourage this. The club game is dead in the water


Some can of worms could be open if clubs give walkovers over this


Would they be relegated straight away or put into the relegation play off ?


Hear hear spot on