Dublin Senior Football Championship (SFC) 2017


Did I hear Colm Nally is the new Castleknock Banisteoir


Dunno, did you? :wink::yum:


I hope he didn’t travel to Wickla yesterday.


Where have you been the last 2 weeks?


Not in Portmarnock


Sure was all over this thread. I’ll give you one guess.


Has there been any substance to that rumour? Surely he’d be better off going to rathnew now. Plus that wouldn’t IC so might be easier to pull off.


Jesus I’m not going over this again. He asked us for a transfer to Vincent’s having spoken to Vincent’s. We’ve told him no, those are the facts, it’s simple.


On what basis did you think Ballymun were stronger?


Crokes 8/15 castkeknock 15/8
Jude’s 4/9 cuala 2/1
Mun 1/5 brigids??
Vins 1/10 syls??

that’s the best I can do stevey


NM will refuse then so end of story.
I’d be curious as to what platform in vincents that this was discussed. Maybe some of SF players or some of SF Mgmt as anyone I spoke to in club (in neither of those 2 subsets) was totally against it.
End of story thankfully it seems…unless he sits out the year I suppose but that would be end of his football ambitions then.


Sitting out the year rule is long gone. As long as NM refuse consent he is going nowhere. I suspect some SF panel members may have made their feelings known. Couldn’t be sure but in other conversations generally re: transfers people I talked to were genearlly not in favour and feel we have taken enough in.


I thought they had closed that particular loophole of ‘sitting out’ a year as you put it. As far as I can recall he would still need the approval of NM no matter how long he sits it out.


Apologies. You probably are right. Am out of loop.


Sorry lads, but who or what are SF? You have me there.


SF short hand for senior footballers…


Provisional or Continuity SF?


I suppose the only way around things these days is to do an inter county transfer. Play a year elsewhere and join Vincents in 2019. A nearby team in the Meath/Louth area will do him


I’m pretty sure that it’s 2 years away on an IC transfer


I thought they had changed that rule as well that you had to transfer back to your original club in Dublin?