Dublin Senior Football Championship (SFC) 2017


Better late than never…


Thanks for the analysis always insightful and fair, much appreciated .


QOTY, laughed out loud at this


Was talking to an elderly Meath man I know last night who was at the game. I asked him was it worth the journey etc - he said he’d travel and pay €15 to watch Dermot Connolly every day of the week - and watching him on Monday last was well worth it.


Was his name Sean Boylan by any chance? He’s a hurling man too isn’t he? :sunglasses::sunglasses:


Fair play, the preview called it correctly too, when everyone, including the bookies, said Ballymun were near certainties the preview pointed out the reasons they might not have it all their own way. From my own point of view, I was torn which way it would go, on paper Ballymun looked stronger - but it was the same team more or less as every other year. The one possible exception they had was that Paddy Small was developing seriously. But that advantage was negated a bit by the fact that I have rarely seen a full forward do well against Curley or Concar. But on balance, I still thought Ballymun were going to win it.


Is Hugh Gill injured or what’s the story there?


He left last year after breaking his hand to go travelling. He’s back just recently but not part of the senior panel at present.


He broke his hand to go travelling. Jesus club football is gone very extreme …


:joy: there’s always one


Hearing we’ve said no to the Carthy transfer


I don’t suppose anybody recorded the bookies’ odds on the individual games throughout the championship, did they? I’ve a general recollection, but not exact on most games. Or if anybody remembers…

Looking to know the odds on the two semis, the four quarters, the Vincent’s Na Fianna last sixteen, and Boden vs Plunkett’s game in the first round.


Boyle’s had the semis as:

Vins 2/7
Draw 9/1
Jude’s 16/5

Mun 2/5
Draw 15/2
Crokes 5/2


@steveyblue Theres two games for you anyway.


@steveyblue theres the Vins NaF games


Vins 1/4
Draw 10/1
Na Fianna 10/3

Plunketts 5/6
Draw 13/2
Ballyboden 6/5


Thanks. Anybody any memory of the quarters?


I see from Twitter he’s playing afl 10


Who is he looking to go to


He was away all year. Just back.