Dublin Senior Football Championship (SFC) 2017


Alan, aren’t all transfer lists also available to view on Dublin GAA site as well?


Not sure juvenile ones are for child protection reasons. Either way, I have them going back a long time. Out friend is talking shite. Back in the day he’s right. But that day is a long time ago now.


There’s nothing factually incorrect about anything I’ve said. Of course these transfers have had to be signed by the clubs involved. The players that transfer into Vincent’s have tended to be strong players from other clubs. That’s a fact too Alan. And I’m going back a lot longer than 10 years in terms of this going on. Like I said this ain’t new news.


Like who? Can only think of one right now from U16 down.

But you’re not going to name names.

2017 - Vins transferred out 4, transferred in 4. Castleknock transferred in 8 and out none

2016 - Vins 1 out and 2 in. Again Castleknock with a lot more and Crokes with a fair few,

2015 - Vins received a number of players from Scoil as Scoil could not provide teams for the to play on.Rahney and CLontarf also benefited.

2014 - 4 in and 2 out. And not a name or an inter county panelist anywhere to be seen,

Now let that be hat without concrete proof.


You and your pompous facts…:joy::joy:


Lads, with all respect, there will always be people moving betwixt and between Dublin clubs from juvenile to adult, after a disagreement or whatever, it’s Tom Jones stuff (not unusual)

But I have been told of a certain club in north Dublin, who is so disillusioned with their football underage section, that they are now focussed on grabbing from other nearby clubs. That has sickened my arse fully. It’s awful.


Go back before 2010 and thru many years before that. Or is that back in the day and doesn’t count? My own club lost players across a number of age groups to Vincent’s as did others. In addition you ve managed to get hold of many players from the areas that other clubs operate in.

Anyway this is ultimately pointless discussion. We accepted it at the time on the basis that we couldn’t stop move to bigger club such as Vincent’s that could offer more chance of success than we could and had better facilities. It’s not right but that’s the way the world and Dublin club scene works. Didn’t leave too many in that part of Dublin too happy with the way Vincent’s operated. If Vincent’s now no worse than any of the other big clubs then bravo for Vincent’s!


The great clubs are the ones that look after and nurture young fellas from 8-17 and keep them playing football.
For the many that go on and play Senior, Inter or Junior, they do so for years. So long as the club looks after the young ones the benefits will be reaped. It may not be quite the parochial thing it was in the '60s but it was gratifying to see young kids togged out in Ballymun gear walking around, some with hurls and sliotars, when I was home for the A-I.
The great club will always be supported by it’s strong roots. Dedication to underage and affording them the best chance to play and enjoy Gaelic Games is what all clubs should aspire to.


I’ll give you a name. Shane Dalton, himself an import, was an active recruiter (maybe off his own bat) for Vincent’s in the late 80’s and early 90’s.



Looking at the final again, it’s hard to believe all the official’s missed James Mc’s strike on Diamond near the end.


I noticed it but it but nobody commented on it .Thought it was a red myself .


The snitching that goes on here …


Even on the TV it is not really discussed, it looked to me a definite punch. Though at that stage of the game it would have made no difference to anything though. A bit unlike McCarthy though, he is tough, but generally keeps his cool.


Strike is being used very loosely here. You’d swear Deontay Wilder was after unloading on Diamond the way he went down. Silly by McCarthy raising his hands but let’s not go overboard here either


He’s still here too! helped the hurlers win AHL 3 and Junior A this year…


Nothing in it. Sack of spuds job


I really don’t know as I didn’t see enough of it, but Diamond went off afterwards and looked shook. I am not going overboard, it was what it was, but my original point is that what ever it was it should have been seen by at least one of the officials. From their point of view, the severity of the strike is largely unimportant, they just have to know there was a strike. Personally I think it was a big enough hit, but other then being on the receiving end of it - none of us can ever really know.


Jaysus a guy who did a gooley removing Karate kick in full view of TV cameras in the All Ireland semi final was rewarded with an All Star.

Leave it lads ffs …


I guess we aren’t allowed to criticize the actions of players anymore …