Dublin Senior Football Championship (SFC) 2017


Never mind members I’d imagine more than a few of the senior team won’t want it to happen. In fact in the case of more than one I can say that for a fact.


And I assume those lads also have an issue with current panel members who are imports? Or are they alright with them cos they helped win a championship?


There’s a difference between Dublin based country lads who in late 20’s/ early 30’s don’t feel like making the trek home to mayo or Sligo for club games…and accepting Dublin born who feel their own club not up to the mark.
If you can’t see the clear distinction, then nothing that I could say will ease your mind.


Which does fennell belong to ??


In my view the latter. Should never have been accepted. Wrong and Ive been clear on that.


Fully accepted rebus but the senior managers and players dont share your honourable position.

And I’m not sniping at you fair dues to you and also Alan for having higher principle and vision.


What about Vincent’s ‘recruitment’ of underage players from other clubs in the north Dublin area? Where does this sit? Been going on for decades.


Alan might be better placed on that as I wouldn’t have great insight. (Not dodging just not in loop).
Rather than worry about “decades” when things were v different, I’d be genuinely interested if it prevalent in last 5 years.


It’s not. And I’m not even going to begin to defend it without facts and figures from the accuser.


I can give you names from my own club Alan from over the years as many clubs in the area can. This ain’t new news.


Go for it… names will help validate


As Heywood once said "‘All this is passing before our very eyes, but there are none so blind as those who will not see.’


Vincent’s know about it that I can assure you . Vincent’s aren’t well stocked with quality underage players playing minor b championship every year
I’m not saying they should be criticised anymore then any of the big clubs far from it They will always attract players but cmon you’ve had internal transfers since the 70s. Are you telling me they all just arrived down there ?


the old annual I’ll name names line. Followed by not naming names.


If they consent to this transfer, then they should be criticised.
At this stage, I’d have strong doubts as to how far this is past conversations between 3-4 people a million miles from getting club approval it is.


I ain’t sticking a list of names from underage teams up here on public forum. Trust me there are plenty of juvenile players from clubs around the Northside who have mysteriously decided that Vincent’s is where their true calling lies.


None would have gone from over age of 12 unless the parent club signed them out


Are you sure it wasn’t the Shane Carthy that already plays for Vinnies. :grinning:


It’s been going on in other clubs at underage for donkeys years, and I’ve witnessed it first hand and had to politely tell other clubs and the respected managers to piss off. It’s not only Vincents.


You don’t have to. Club secretaries get the list of juvenile transfers each year. I have them going back a decade. Vincents have transferred more out than in. And as noted any player that came to Vincents had to be allowed to transfer by his original club.

Now give it a rest unless you want to come back with actual facts.