Dublin Senior Football Championship (SFC) 2017


Last one was Liam O’Donovan from Whitehall about 4/5 years ago. There is none since.


My suggestion had nothing to do with vincents.
A discussion on a hypothetical transfer had wandered into comments on “mental health”. Just thought maybe it would make sense to hold off until there an actual request.
No issue if you feel it’s right to discuss it now…sure it will pass the winter months now that most teams are finished playing. :wink:


I was referring to the past and I was only joking.


That Isles team that got to the All Ireland had a Cork man playing in the half backs. Was a close to a parish only team as probably ever won the Dublin SFC. Were a great team to watch. Mixture of ball players and teak tough competitors. Some of their best players could do it all.


Not as far as i can see, but I’m not familiar with it


Some lads getting very over sensitive here, a transfer isn’t a “sensitive issue” that we shouldn’t talk about.


And a transfer isn’t a transfer until there is paperwork…


Once again, whether Shane goes ahead with it remains to be seen but I think it’s fair game to discuss that Vincent’s are happy to Court lads from clubs 15 minutes down the road.


Do you have evidence that vincents as a club are “courting” him? Specifics will be accepted.


Without getting too specific I saw Brian Mullins buying him a Mucky Mess in Storm in a Teacup in Skerries at about 4.10pm on Tuesday …


Well I highly doubt shane would want a transfer to a club he’s spoken to and have told him “no we don’t want you”


Not to digest from the incoming specifics of the “courting” allegation but storm in teacup is top place…highest goodies per sqm bar none.


Have you confirmation that (a) SC has spoken to vincents as a club or just an individual not representative of the official club (b) if you have evidence that he’s spoken officially to the club, what was their response © if approach was made by SC to vincents, then any Oxford English will tell you that your definition of “vincents courting” is wrong…


You’re right, just heard shane was drinking in Kavanagh’s and the barman said he’d love to see him in blue and white, so he’s gone ahead and requested a transfer which nobody in Vincent’s knew was coming!


It’s safe to suggest that your digestion towards “attempted” humour means that your suggestion that vincents were courting him, merely means (a) you’re talking through your hole (b) your grasp of the English language is suspect and you don’t understand that you’re suggesting that they initiated any discussions.

There may well be a transfer application on the way - i don’t know (shane Walsh last year was same thing that was all hot air) but if there is, you’ll then get your chance to critique vincents based on facts and if they allow it to pass, they’ll be way out of line.


The facts in this are, Vincent’s have told shane he is welcome to transfer, shane has told us he wants to, only reason it hasn’t happened yet is because it isn’t transfer season yet.


Again, who in vincents said he’s welcome to transfer…club executive? You seem and may well have all the facts but I can assure you that his transfer wouldn’t be welcomed by club members…maybe those with vested interest in short term gain might but they’d be in vast minority on that.

Alan would be far better placed in that but I’d say I’m correct.

Thing I don’t get is if he couldn’t cut it with dublin having had years of IC training, it’s somewhat delusional to think playing with bigger club will get him there. Maybe he’s just not up to it. Would be different if he was guy who hadn’t done the years with dublin.


Why don’t both clubs just do an SC swap? Keep everybody happy …


Do you honestly think shane has decided to join Vincent’s on the back of talking to any old member?


Don’t know as dont have facts but if you’ve names and facts, get us up to speed.
What I do know is that transfer wouldnt be welcomed by vast majority.
Regardless, if transfer request materialises all mearnog have to do is object and it’s a dead duck.
Mearnog have the power regardless of anything else.